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Caring For Probes; Protective Case; Storage; Repair - Siemens ACUSON Freestyle User Manual

Diagnostic ultrasound system.
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Safety and Care

Caring for Probes

WARNING: During neurosurgical procedures, if a probe becomes contaminated with
tissue or fluids of a patient known to have Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, the probe should be
destroyed as it cannot be sterilized.
CAUTION: Probes are sensitive instruments — irreparable damage may occur if they
are dropped, knocked against other objects, cut, or punctured. Do not attempt to repair or
alter any part of a probe, contact your local Siemens representative.
CAUTION: To avoid cable damage, do not roll the ultrasound system over probe adapter
CAUTION: To avoid damage to the probe, do not use probe sheaths containing an oil
based coating or petroleum or mineral oil based ultrasound coupling agents. Use only a
water based ultrasound coupling agent.
CAUTION: Follow all instructions provided by manufacturers of sterile goods (probe
sheaths) to ensure proper handling, storage, and cycling of all sterile goods.
CAUTION: Take extreme care when handling or storing probes. They must not be
dropped, jarred, or knocked against other objects. Do not allow probes to come into
contact with any sharp edged or pointed object.

Protective Case

Due to the mechanical sensitivity of probes, Siemens recommends that you always use the
probe case when you ship a probe or transport it from one place of examination to another. The
case is specially designed to protect the sensitive parts of the probe. Be sure that all parts of
the probe are properly placed inside the case before you close the lid.


Store probes in a clean and dry environment. Extreme temperatures or humidity may damage
a probe.


Do not attempt to repair or alter any part of the probe. Contact your service representative at
Siemens immediately if a probe appears to be damaged or malfunctions in any way.
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