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Electrical Safety - Siemens ACUSON Freestyle User Manual

Diagnostic ultrasound system.
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Safety and Care

Electrical Safety

WARNING: Explosion Hazard. Possible explosion hazard if used in the presence of
flammable anesthetics.
WARNING: To avoid electric shock, use a protective earth connection to connect the
ultrasound system to the AC Mains power supply. The protective earth connection
ensures that the mains circuit breaker will disconnect the power supply in the event of a
short circuit.
WARNING: To ensure grounding reliability, only connect the system to a hospital-grade
power outlet.
WARNING: The AC Mains power connector plug for the ultrasound system is a three
prong grounded plug (in the U.S.A.) and should never be adapted to any two prong (non
grounded) outlet, either by modifying the plug or by using an adapter. In the U.S.A.,
proper grounding requires the AC Mains power connector plug to be plugged into a
hospital grade power outlet.
WARNING: Risk of fire. Replace fuse as marked.
WARNING: To avoid electrical shock, never modify the ultrasound system AC Mains
power connector plug, as doing so may overload your facility's power circuits. To ensure
grounding reliability, connect the system only to an equivalent outlet.
WARNING: To avoid electrical shock, never use equipment or an AC Mains power
cord that shows signs of wear or tampering, or that has a ground plug which has been
bypassed by using an adapter.
WARNING: Equipment connected to the ultrasound system and in the patient zone
must be powered from a medically isolated power source or must be a medically isolated
device. Equipment powered from a non isolated source can result in chassis leakage
currents exceeding safe levels. Chassis leakage current and patient leakage current
created by an accessory or device connected to a non isolated outlet may add to the
chassis leakage current of the ultrasound system.
WARNING: Using an extension cord or multi socket outlet setup to provide power to the
ultrasound system, or to the system's peripheral devices may compromise the system
grounding and cause your system to exceed leakage current limits.
WARNING: To avoid electrical shock and damage to the ultrasound system, power
off and unplug the equipment from the AC Mains power outlet before cleaning and
WARNING: To prevent excessive leakage current from contacting the patient, do not
touch a user-accessible connector on the system while touching or scanning the patient.
User-accessible connectors include connectors such as the USB connectors, and any
other audio, video, or data transmission connectors.
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