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Siemens ACUSON Freestyle User Manual Page 48

Diagnostic ultrasound system.
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Safety and Care
The following instructions describe cleaning the surface of the ultrasound system, including the
Trackball and probe holder. See also, "Approved Disinfectant Wipes for the Ultrasound System
Surfaces" on page 2-29.
Clean and disinfect
the surface of the
ultrasound system
Clean and disinfect the
holders for probes
Clean and disinfect the
Do This
1. Power off the ultrasound system and unplug the power cord from the power
2. Use a clean gauze pad or lint-free cloth, lightly moistened with a mild detergent,
to wipe the surface of the ultrasound system.
Take particular care to clean the areas near the Trackball, Soft Keys, and Rotary
knobs. Ensure these areas are free of coupling agent (gel) and any other visible
Ensure that cleaning solution does not seep into the control panel, or any other
3. After cleaning, use a clean, lint-free cloth to dry the surface.
4. As required, use an approved disinfectant wipe to disinfect the ultrasound system
and accessories.
5. Reconnect the ultrasound system power cord into the power outlet.
1. Remove the holder from the ultrasound system.
a. Squeeze the tab at the top of the probe holder away from the system console
and pull the holder upward.
2. Clean the holder under running water, using a mild detergent, and dry with a lint
free cloth.
3. As required, use an approved disinfectant wipe to disinfect the holder.
4. Reattach the holder to the ultrasound system pressing downward until the tab
clicks into place.
CAUTION: Do not drop or place foreign objects inside the
Trackball assembly because doing so may affect the Trackball
operation and damage the ultrasound system.
1. Rotate the Trackball bezel counterclockwise and lift up to remove the Trackball
bezel from the control panel.
2. Carefully remove the Trackball from the control panel.
3. Clean the bezel and Trackball with a cotton swab or lint free pad moistened with
mild detergent solution.
4. Clean the inside of the Trackball assembly using a cotton swab moistened with
mild detergent solution.
5. As required, use an approved disinfectant wipe to disinfect the Trackball,
Trackball bezel, and Trackball assembly.
6. Allow the Trackball components to completely dry before reassembly.
7. Reinstall the Trackball and replace the Trackball bezel.
a. Place the Trackball inside the Trackball assembly.
b. Place the Trackball bezel over the Trackball.
c. Rotate the Trackball bezel to tighten. Do not overtighten the Trackball bezel.
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