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Wireless Network Setup; Working With Multiple Wifi Networks; Detecting Wifi Networks - Siemens ACUSON Freestyle User Manual

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Wireless Network Setup

NOTE: The term "WiFi" is used here to represent the wireless networking standard
IEEE 802.11b/g. Refer to the Safety chapter of this Manual and the System
Reference Manual for important information about the operation of IEEE 802.11b/g
on the
Important: For important information about WiFi Security, refer to the System Reference
Use the WiFi Setup section of the Network page to configuring the
connect to a wireless network (go to
To turn wireless networking on and off, use the Enable WiFi checkbox. When wireless
networking is enabled, the system will automatically search for and connect to configured
wireless networks in range, according to their order in the list.
NOTE: Follow your institution's guidelines for wireless networking security, and
consult with your IT administrator when configuring the system for WiFi connectivity.
Even secured WiFi networks may be the subject of unauthorized access.
The system can be configured to store multiple wireless network configurations.

Working with Multiple WiFi Networks

If multiple WiFi networks have been set up, use the options described in "Configuring the WiFi
Network" on page 8-5 to manage them.
■ Move Up: moves a network up in the list.
■ Move Down: moves a network down in the list.
■ Release: disconnects a connected WiFi network.
■ Connect: manually connects to the selected WiFi network.
■ Edit: modify the settings for a WiFi network.
■ Add: initiates a search for wireless networks.
■ Remove: deletes a network from the list.

Detecting WiFi Networks

Use the following options to detect WiFi networks:
■ To detect and display WiFi networks, select Add.
■ To repeat the search, select Refresh Network List.
■ To manually enter a WiFi network settings, select Manual Entry.
■ To open the WiFi Network Settings menu, double-click on a detected WiFi network. Use
this option to configure the network.
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