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B-mode Scanning; B-mode Tools - Siemens ACUSON Freestyle User Manual

Diagnostic ultrasound system.
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B-Mode Scanning

The default scanning mode for the system is B-Mode.
NOTE: Functions listed in the Tools menu will vary depending on how the System
Administration / User Selected Keys are configured.

B-Mode Tools

The real-time Control Bar Tools Soft Key displays a number of secondary-level real-time
imaging-related controls. The active Tools items will vary according to the scanning mode.
Press the
button to display the Tools options. When this list is active, the Rotary knobs
will control interaction with the list. Use the knobs in the same manner as is used to control the
real-time control bar. The outer knob moves up and down the list and the inner knob adjusts
the value or state for individual items.
B-Mode Tools Sub-Menu
B-Mode Tools Sub-Menu
Exit Tools
Dyn . Range
L/R Reverse
Needle Visualization
Freestyle User Manual
Exits the Tools sub-menu.
Post Processing. Adjusts the gray scale curves of the B-mode
image. Lower values will have softer appearance, higher values will
have a more "contrasty" appearance.
Displayed in the on-screen settings window as PP.
Image Dynamic Range. Displayed in decibels (dB).
Displayed in the on-screen settings window as numerical units
followed by dB.
Spatial Compounding. Selects different levels of spatial
compounding. Spatial compounding combines different scan steering
angles to improve image quality.
Displayed in the on-screen settings window as SC.
Speckle Filter. Applies image filters that remove speckle or enhance
edges. In general, higher values will apply more filtering for potentially
smoother image appearance.
Displayed in the on-screen settings window as SF.
Left/Right Reverse. This switches the orientation of the image on the
screen so that the index marker symbol display is moved from the left
of the image to the right of the image.
Displays a dotted line through the middle of the image with depth
Improves the display of needles during procedures. See below for
Widens the image of linear probes.


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