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Intraoperative Neurological Important Warnings - Siemens ACUSON Freestyle User Manual

Diagnostic ultrasound system.
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Safety and Care

Intraoperative Neurological Important Warnings

WARNING: Use sterile, endotoxin-free sheaths in intraoperative neurological scanning.
Disinfectant/sterilant residue left on the probe is neurotoxic and endotoxin is pyrogenic.
WARNING: Probe sheaths cannot be relied upon to prevent contamination of the probe
when used intraoperatively on patients with known or suspected Creutzfeld-Jakob disease
(CJD). A probe exposed to central nervous system tissue from know or suspected CJD or
Variant CJD should be destroyed since it may not be possible to sterilize. (See http://www.
WARNING: To avoid electrical shock and damage to the system, power down and
disconnect the probe prior to cleaning or disinfecting.
WARNING: To avoid electrical shock and damage to the system, remove the probe
battery or the probe adapter cable from the probe prior to cleaning or disinfecting.
WARNING: Disinfectants and cleaning methods listed are recommended by Siemens for
compatibility with product materials, not for biological effectiveness. Refer to disinfectant
label instructions for guidance on disinfection efficacy and appropriate clinical uses.
CAUTION: Do not sterilize probes using hot steam, cold gas, or Ethylene Oxide
(EO) methods. Before applying any other methods that might be recommended by
manufacturers of sterilization equipment, please contact your Siemens representative.
CAUTION: To avoid damage to the probe, do not immerse or allow the probe adapter
cable or connector of a probe to become wet.
CAUTION: The probes have been designed and tested to be able to withstand high level
disinfection as recommended by the manufacturers of approved disinfectant products.
Carefully follow the disinfectant manufacturer's instructions. Do not immerse for more than
one hour.
CAUTION: Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, organic solvents such as benzene,
isopropyl alcohol, or phenol based substances, or cleaning agents containing organic
solvents to clean or disinfect probes. These substances can damage the probes.
CAUTION: Prior to cleaning or disinfecting a probe, you must remove the probe battery
and disconnect the probe adapter cable and remove the probe from the ultrasound
system. To prevent the probe cleaners or disinfectants from contacting and damaging the
ultrasound system surfaces, do not clean the probe on or near the ultrasound system.
Approved probe cleaners and disinfectants are not approved for use on the ultrasound
system surfaces. Unintended contact with approved probe cleaners and disinfectants can
result severe damage to the ultrasound system components.
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