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HP A3100-8 v2 SI Configuration Manual: Protocol-based Vlan Configuration Example

A3100 v2 switch series layer 2 - lan switching.
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Do not configure both the
0xff when you are configuring the user-defined template for llc encapsulation. Otherwise, the
encapsulation format of the matching packets will be the same as that of the ipx llc or ipx raw packets
When you use the mode keyword to configure a user-defined protocol template, do not set
ethernetii etype
format of the matching packets will be the same as that of the IPv4, IPX, AppleTalk, and IPv6 packets
A protocol-based VLAN on a hybrid port can process only untagged inbound packets, whereas the
voice VLAN in automatic mode on a hybrid port can process only tagged voice traffic. Do not configure
a VLAN as both a protocol-based VLAN and a voice VLAN. For more information, see the chapter
"Voice VLAN configuration."
After you configure a command on a Layer 2 aggregate interface, the system starts applying the
configuration to the aggregate interface and its aggregation member ports. If the system fails to do that
on the aggregate interface, it stops applying the configuration to the aggregation member ports. If it
fails to do that on an aggregation member port, it skips the port and moves to the next port.

Protocol-based VLAN configuration example

Network requirements
In a lab environment, most hosts run the IPv4 protocol, and the rest of the hosts run the IPv6 protocol for
teaching purposes. To avoid interference, isolate IPv4 traffic and IPv6 traffic at Layer 2.
Figure 33 Network diagram for protocol-based VLAN configuration
to 0x0800, 0x8137, 0x809b, or 0x86dd. Otherwise, the encapsulation
arguments in the protocol-vlan command as 0xe0 or


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