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HP A3100-8 v2 SI Configuration Manual: Configuring Mac-based Vlan

A3100 v2 switch series layer 2 - lan switching.
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When the port receives a tagged frame, the port forwards the frame if the VLAN ID of the frame is
permitted by the port, or otherwise drops the frame.
Approach 2: Dynamic MAC-based VLAN
You can use dynamic MAC-based VLAN with access authentication (such as 802.1X authentication
based on MAC addresses) to implement secure, flexible terminal access. After configuring dynamic
MAC-based VLAN on the switch, you must configure the MAC address-to-VLAN entries on the access
authentication server.
When a user passes authentication of the access authentication server, the switch obtains VLAN
information from the server, generates a MAC address-to-VLAN entry by using the source MAC address
of the user packet and the VLAN information, and assigns the port to the MAC-based VLAN. When the
user goes offline, the switch automatically deletes the MAC address-to-VLAN entry, and removes the port
from the MAC-based VLAN.

Configuring MAC-based VLAN

MAC-based VLANs are available only on hybrid ports.
The MAC-based VLAN feature is mainly configured on the downlink ports of the user access devices. Do
not enable this function together with link aggregation.
Configuring static MAC-based VLAN assignment
Follow these steps to configure static MAC-based VLAN assignment:
To do...
Enter system view
Associate MAC addresses
with a VLAN
view or port
group view
Configure the link type of the
port(s) as hybrid
Configure the hybrid port(s) to
permit packets of specific
MAC-based VLANs to pass
Enable MAC-based VLAN
Configuring dynamic MAC-based VLAN
Use the command...
mac-vlan mac-address mac-address
vlan vlan-id [ priority priority ]
Enter Ethernet
interface interface-type
interface view
Enter port
port-group manual port-group-name
group view
port link-type hybrid
port hybrid vlan vlan-id-list { tagged
| untagged }
mac-vlan enable
Use either command.
The configuration made in
Ethernet interface view applies
only to the current port.
The configuration made in port
group view applies to all ports in
the port group.
By default, a hybrid port only permits
the packets of VLAN 1 to pass
Disabled by default


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