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HP A3100-8 v2 SI Configuration Manual: Ethernet Interface Configuration; Ethernet Interface Overview; Ethernet Interface Naming Conventions; Configuring A Combo Interface

A3100 v2 switch series layer 2 - lan switching.
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Ethernet interface configuration

Ethernet interface overview

Ethernet interface naming conventions

The Ethernet interfaces on the A3100 v2 Switch Series are named in the format of interface-type A/B/C,
where the following definitions apply:
A Specifies the ID of a switch. The value can only be 1.
B represents a slot number on the switch. It uses 0.
C represents the number of an interface on a slot.

Configuring a combo interface

Introduction to combo interfaces
A combo interface is a logical interface that comprises one fiber (fiber) port and one copper (copper)
port. The two ports share one forwarding interface, so they cannot work simultaneously. When you
enable either port, the other port is automatically disabled.
The fiber combo port and the copper combo port share one interface view, in which you can activate the
fiber or copper combo port, and configure other port attributes such as the interface rate and duplex
Configuration prerequisites
Before you configure combo interfaces, complete the following tasks:
Check the number of combo interfaces on your switch, which varies with your switch model and can
be obtained from the installation manual.
Use the display interface command to determine which port (fiber or copper) of the combo
interface is active. If the current port is the copper port, the output will include "Media type is
twisted pair, Port hardware type is 1000_BASE_T". If the current port is the fiber port, the output will
not include the information mentioned above. You can also use the display this command in the
view of the combo interface to view the combo interface configuration. If the combo enable fiber
command exists, the fiber port is active, if the command does not exist, the copper fiber is active.
Changing the active port of a combo interface
Follow these steps to change the active port of a combo interface:
To do...
Enter system view
Enter the Ethernet interface view
Use the command...
interface interface-type


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