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HP A3100-8 v2 SI Configuration Manual: Displaying And Maintaining Voice Vlan; Voice Vlan Configuration Examples; Automatic Voice Vlan Mode Configuration Example

A3100 v2 switch series layer 2 - lan switching.
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To do...
Enter interface view
Configure the port to operate in
manual voice VLAN assignment
Assign the port (access, trunk, or
hybrid) in manual voice VLAN
assignment mode to the voice
Configure the voice VLAN as the
PVID of the port (trunk or hybrid)
Enable voice VLAN on the port
You can configure different voice VLANs on different ports at the same time. However, you can
configure one port with only one voice VLAN, and this voice VLAN must be a static VLAN that already
exists on the device.
You cannot enable voice VLAN on a port where Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is enabled.
To make voice VLAN take effect on a port that is enabled with voice VLAN and operates in manual voice
VLAN assignment mode, you must assign the port to the voice VLAN manually.

Displaying and maintaining voice VLAN

To do...
Display the voice VLAN state
Display the OUI addresses that the
system supports

Voice VLAN configuration examples

Automatic voice VLAN mode configuration example

Network requirements
As shown in
The MAC address of IP phone A is 001 1- 1 100-0001. The phone connects to a downstream device
named PC A whose MAC address is 0022- 1 100-0002 and to Ethernet 1/0/1 on an upstream
device named Device A.
Use the command...
interface interface-type
undo voice vlan mode auto
For how to assign a port to a
VLAN, see the chapter "VLAN
For how to assign a port to a
VLAN, see the chapter "VLAN
voice vlan vlan-id enable
Use the command...
display voice vlan state [ | { begin | exclude |
include } regular-expression ]
display voice vlan oui [ | { begin | exclude |
include } regular-expression ]
Disabled by default
After you assign an access port to
the voice VLAN, the voice VLAN
becomes the PVID of the port
This operation is required for
untagged inbound voice traffic
and prohibited for tagged inbound
voice traffic.
Available in any view
Available in any view


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