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HP A3100-8 v2 SI Configuration Manual: Port-based Vlan Configuration; Introduction To Port-based Vlan

A3100 v2 switch series layer 2 - lan switching.
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VLAN interfaces are virtual interfaces used for Layer 3 communication between different VLANs. They do
not exist as physical entities on devices. For each VLAN, you can create one VLAN interface. You can
assign the VLAN interface an IP address and specify it as the gateway of the VLAN to forward traffic
destined for an IP network segment different from that of the VLAN.
Follow these steps to configure basic settings of a VLAN interface:
To do...
Enter system view
Create a VLAN interface and
enter VLAN interface view
Assign an IP address to the
VLAN interface
Configure the description of the
VLAN interface
Bring up the VLAN interface
Before you create a VLAN interface for a VLAN, create the VLAN.

Port-based VLAN configuration

Introduction to port-based VLAN

Port-based VLANs group VLAN members by port. A port forwards traffic for a VLAN only after it is
assigned to the VLAN.
Port link type
You can configure the link type of a port as access, trunk, or hybrid. The link types use the following
VLAN tag handling methods:
An access port belongs to only one VLAN and sends traffic untagged. It is usually used to connect
a terminal device unable to identify VLAN tagged-packets or when separating different VLAN
members is unnecessary.
A trunk port can carry multiple VLANs to receive and send traffic for them. Except traffic of the port
VLAN ID (PVID), traffic sent through a trunk port will be VLAN tagged. Usually, ports connecting
network devices are configured as trunk ports.
Use the command...
interface vlan-interface
ip address ip-address { mask |
mask-length }
description text
undo shutdown
If the VLAN interface already exists, you
enter its view directly.
No IP address is assigned to any VLAN
interface by default.
VLAN interface name is used by default,
for example, Vlan-interface1 Interface.
By default, a VLAN interface is in the up
state. The VLAN interface is up as long
as one port in the VLAN is up and goes
down if all ports in the VLAN go down.
An administratively shut down VLAN
interface is in the down state until you
bring it up, regardless of how the state of
the ports in the VLAN changes.


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