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HP A3100-8 v2 SI Configuration Manual: Configuring The Mode A Port Uses To Recognize/send Mstp Packets

A3100 v2 switch series layer 2 - lan switching.
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To do...
Configure the link type of ports
If the current port is a Layer 2 aggregate interface or if it works in full duplex mode, you can configure
the link to which the current port connects as a point-to-point link. HP recommends that you use the
default setting, and let MSTP detect the link status automatically.
If you configure a port as connecting to a point-to-point link or a non-point-to-point link, the setting
takes effect for the port in all MSTIs.
If the physical link to which the port connects is not a point-to-point link and you manually set it to be
one, your configuration might cause temporary loops.
Configuring the mode a port uses to recognize/send MSTP
A port can receive/send MSTP packets in the following formats:
dot1s—802.1s-compliant standard format, and
legacy—Compatible format
By default, the packet format recognition mode of a port is auto. The port automatically distinguishes the
two MSTP packet formats, and determines the format of packets that it will send based on the recognized
You can configure the MSTP packet format on a port. When working in MSTP mode after the
configuration, the port sends and receives only MSTP packets of the format that you have configured to
communicate with devices that send packets of the same format.
Make this configuration on the root bridge and on the leaf nodes separately.
Follow these steps to configure the MSTP packet format to be supported on a port or a group of ports:
To do...
Enter system view
Enter interface
view or port
group view
Configure the mode that the port uses to
recognize/send MSTP packets
Enter Ethernet interface
view or Layer 2
aggregate interface
Enter port group view
Use the command...
stp point-to-point { auto |
force-false | force-true }
Use the command...
interface interface-type
port-group manual
stp compliance { auto | dot1s
| legacy }
By default, the port
automatically detects whether
its link is point-to-point.
Use either command.
auto by default.


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