Securing Devices; Using The Tripod - Silvercrest SDS 3000 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Telescopic camera tripod
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Securing devices


Using the tripod

This tripod is equipped with a quick release plate
screwed onto the quick release plate 2 you can, by sliding the locking
device 8 on the side of the tripod plate 3, loosen the device together
with the quick release plate 2 from the tripod plate 3. Thus, you do not
always have to unscrew the device from the thread 1.
Remove the quick release plate
device 8 to the side so that you can lift the quick release plate 2.
Screw the required device onto the quick release plate
the screw - with the help of the handle on the underside of the quick release
plate 2 - until the device is fi rmly seated.
To replace the quick release plate
the tripod plate 3, slide the locking device 8 to the side and reposition
the quick release plate 2. Then secure the locking device 8, such that the
quick release plate 2 is fi rmly seated.
When you have set the tripod up and the device is mounted on it, you can then
adjust it as follows:
Always hold the grip
7 and turn the crank q. Otherwise – if the locking screw "High" 7 is
loosened and the crank q is not fi rmly held - the rod with the attached
device could fall down to the lowest setting and, through it, the device
could be damaged.
Loosen the locking screw "High"
turned easily. Turn the crank q to adjust the height. When the desired height
has been reached, fi rmly retighten the locking screw "High" 7.
To swivel the device horizontally through up to 360°, loosen the locking
screw "360°" 5. Take hold of the grip 0 and swivel the tripod plate 3.
When you have reached the desired position, retighten the locking screw
"360°" 5 fi rmly.
To adjust the tilt angle, rotate the grip
When the desired tilt angle has been reached, rotate the grip 0 again until
it is fi rm.
2 from the tripod. For this, slide the locking
2 complete with the device back on
0 fi rmly when you loosen the locking screw "High"
7 to a point where the crank q can be
0 and move it either up or down.
2. When a device is
2. To do this, turn
SDS 3000 A1


Table of Contents

Table of Contents