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Telescopic camera tripod
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Information for these operating instructions


Intended use

These operating instructions are a component of the Telescopic Camera Tripod
SEAD 1800 A1 and they provide you with important information about the
intended use, the safety and the handling of the appliance.
These operating instructions must be constantly kept available close to the tripod.
They are to be read and applied by everyone assigned to operate the tripod.
Retain these operating instructions and pass them on, together with the tripod, to
any future owners.
This documentation is copyright protected.
Any copying or reproduction, including as extracts, as well as the reproduction of
images, also in an altered state, is only permitted with the written authorisation of
the manufacturer.
This tripod is designed for the secure attachment of photo cameras, video cameras
and similar devices with a 1/4 inch thread.
This tripod is intended for domestic use only, it is not suitable for commercial or
industrial applications.
Claims of any kind resulting from damage caused by improper use, incompetent
repairs, unauthorized modifi cations or the use of non-approved spare parts will
not be acknowledged.
The operator alone bears liability.
SDS 3000 A1


Table of Contents

Table of Contents