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Connect Your Haier • Roku Tv - Haier 32E4000R User Manual

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Connect your Haier • Roku TV
This section explains how to connect your devices to the Haier • Roku TV.
Connecting an antenna, cable, or satellite box
If you are using an antenna, CATV cable without a set-top box, or a cable or satellite box that has only an antenna
output, connect a 75-ohm coaxial cable from the device to the ANT/CABLE input on the TV.
Tip: If you are using an antenna with a 300 ohm twin-lead cable, you need to use a 300-75 ohm adapter (not
provided) to adapt the cable to a connection that is compatible with the TV's antenna input.
down of TV
Tip: If you receive your TV stations through a set top box from a cable or satellite TV provider, connect it to
the TV using the best connection method available. From most to least desirable:
• HDMI input – Digital HD and SD video
• AV input – analog SD video
• Antenna input – analog SD video using NTSC
Connecting a component with an HDMI
If possible, connect your devices using HDMI
audio signals, so that only one cable is needed. For best picture quality, we recommend that you use cables designated
as High Speed (Category 2) HDMI
Tip: You might need to configure your component to send its signal through its HDMI connector.
The connector labeled HDMI 1 IN (ARC) has the additional ability to use the audio return channel to send digital audio
to a receiver or sound bar, as explained in
Antenna or cable TV
cables (not provided). They provide the best video quality and also carry
"Connecting an AV receiver or digital sound
cable or satellite box
cable wall jack
coaxial cable
bar" on page 14 .

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