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Haier HL24XSL2 Owner's Manual

Haier hl24xsl2: user guide
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Televiseur HD à ecran a DEL
Please READ this manual carefully before operating your TV, and retain it for
future reference.
Veuillez lire ce guide attentivement et entièrement avant d'utiliser votre
téléviseur, conservez ce guide pour vous y reporter ultérieurement.
Se recomienda leer con atención este manual antes de poner en
funcionamiento su televisor y conservarlo para consultas futuras.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Haier HL24XSL2

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL GUIDED’UTILISATION DEL TELEVISOR LED HDTV Please READ this manual carefully before operating your TV, and retain it for future reference. Veuillez lire ce guide attentivement et entièrement avant d'utiliser votre téléviseur, conservez ce guide pour vous y reporter ultérieurement.
  • Page 2: Warning

    Class I apparatus shall be connected to a mains socket outlet with a protective earthing connection. EN-1 Haier LED HDTV The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product’s enclosure that may be of...
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing the Haier product. This easy-to-use manual will guide you in getting the best use of your product. Remember to record the model and serial number. They are on label in back of the unit.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Cable TV Setup ...9 HDMI input ... 10 Operation Switching On/Off the TV set ... 10 EN-3 Haier LED HDTV Contents Choose the Menu Language ... 10 Choose the Input source ... 10 Video Menu Options ...11 Function ... 11 Audio Menu Options ...11...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction Controls This is a simplified representation of the TV front panel, side panel control buttons and side inputs. TV Side panel controls and connections 1 POWER Press to turn on and off the TV. Menu display. Press to access the on-screen 2 MENU menu display.
  • Page 6: Connection Options

    Connect the audio L/R cables from a computer to this jack. Connect the audio L/R cables to your audio equipment. Connect a video cable from a computer to this jack. Antenna Connect cable or antenna signals to the TV, either Input directly or through your cable box.
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    2. Keep the remote controller away from heat source or humid area to ensure effective performance of the Remote control The remote control cannot be operated unless the batteries are properly loaded. When using the remote control, aim it at the remote sensor on the TV. PICTURE AUDIO MTS/SAP...
  • Page 8: Installation

    DISPLAY GUIDE FAVORITE CH.LIST Remote control Owner’s manual Antenna Connection Over-the-air TV reception quality will depend on your antenna type, antenna location and antenna positioning. Multi-family Dwellings/Apartments (Connect to wall antenna socket) Wall Antenna Socket VHF Antenna UHF Antenna Single-family Dwellings /Houses...
  • Page 9: Choose Your Connection

    Component Setup How to connect Connect the DVD video outputs (COMPONENT) to the Y Pb Pr jacks on the TV and connect the DVD audio outputs to the YPbPr Audio IN jacks on the TV, as shown in the figure.
  • Page 10: Connecting A Computer

    TV programming. The TV cannot display TV programming unless a TV tuner device or cable TV converter box is connected to the TV. For further information regarding cable TV service, contact your local cable TV service provider(s).
  • Page 11: Hdmi Input

    Connection Option 2 Connect the audio and video cables from the Cable Box's output jacks to the TV input jacks, as shown in the figure.When connecting the TV to a Cable Box, match the jack colors (Video = yellow, Audio Left = white, and Audio Right = red).
  • Page 12: Video Menu Options

    Press button and CH+/- ENTER button to confirm, then press button to adjust the brightness of the picture. EN-11 Haier LED HDTV Contrast: button to confirm, then press adjust the contrast of the picture. Color: button to confirm, then press adjust the color saturation.
  • Page 13: Function

    Press VOL- to select OK, then press OK to confirm. The TV screen will be black and no picture , but the sound is still normal. Press POWER button to exit Audio Only mode...
  • Page 14: Time Shifting Mode

    This search automatically adds only the active channels in your area to the TV's memory. It deletes any channels on which there is no broadcast or a poor signal. The channels found are automatically saved.
  • Page 15: Function Menu Options

    Please connect the TV antenna or Cable TV coaxial cable to the Antenna input on the TV. Then please complete the channel scan. The Time Shift feature is available when using your ATSC tuner and QAM cable tuner.
  • Page 16 CC1: When CC1is displayed on TV means CC mode is turned on. CC2 to CC4: For other modes of video related broadcast information.
  • Page 17: Lock Menu

    VOL+/- Parental Guide U.S. TV Program Ratings • TV-Y: For all children - these types of rated programs are designed for a very young audience, including children from ages 2-6. TV-Y7: Directed towards older children - this type of rated programs may include comedic violence of mild physical, or may frighten children under the age of 7.
  • Page 18 TV-14: Parents strongly cautioned-these types of rated programs may contain sexual content, strong language and more intense violence. TV-MA: Mature audience only these types of rated programs may contain sexual violence, explicit sexual content and profane language. (A)ALL: Blocks all available sub_ratings.
  • Page 19: Pc Menu

    Before starting operation, verify USB storage device is of FAT32 file system format. At present, this television does not support NTFS and the file systems of other format. Haier LED HDTV Operation Select EXIT Back...
  • Page 20: To Play Pictures

    Operation Supports USB/Memory Card Plug & Play (don't need to reset TV system),USB Hard-drive support - only support the class of USB HD that follows USB power consumption spec. The television operation may be halted due to excessive rate of information code errors. In such case, restart the system.
  • Page 21: To Play Video

    Show Info 1. Play Time Show Spectrum 2. File Name Audio Only 3. Repeat Press MENU button to display the option list. 1. Play/Pause 2. Repeat 3. Show Info Operation Information Picture Mode Screen Mode Haier LED HDTV EN-20...
  • Page 22: Maintenance

    Early malfunctions can be prevented. Careful and regular cleaning can extend the amount of time you will have your new TV. Be sure to turn the power off and unplug the power cord before you begin any cleaning. Cleaning the Screen Here’s a great way to keep the dust off your screen...
  • Page 23: Warranty

    In no event shall Haier be liable, or in any way responsible for any damages or defects in the product which were caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than an authorized service center or dealer;...

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