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Configure Parental Controls - Haier 32E4000R User Manual

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Auto power off settings
To help you save energy, your Roku TV can automatically turn itself off after a period of inactivity or a period during
which no signal has been detected. It is factory-configured to do both of these things, but you can change these
settings if needed.
To configure automatic power off, from the Home screen menu navigate to Settings > System > Power > Auto power
off. In the Power settings screen, highlight the following options and press OK to turn them on or off:
After 15 mins of no signal – If no signal is detected on a TV input for 15 minutes, the TV automatically
powers off.
After 4 hours of no interaction – If no remote control or panel button is pressed for 4 hours and the TV is
not displaying a TV signal or streaming a video, the TV is automatically powered off.

Configure parental controls

Parental controls enable you to control whether the members of your household can view certain kinds of broadcast
TV programs. When a program or feature is blocked, you can unblock it by entering a parental control PIN that only
you know.
Note: The parental control feature can be used to hide the Movie Store, TV Store, and News options that
are available on the Home screen menu of Roku TVs. However, the parental controls feature does not block
other streaming content nor content from inputs other than the TV tuner.
Creating a parental control PIN
The first time you access the Parental controls screen, you must create a new parental control PIN. Thereafter,
whenever you want to change parental control settings, unblock programming that has been blocked, change the PIN,
or disable parental controls, you must enter your parental control PIN.
Tip: Your parental control PIN has nothing to do with your Roku PIN. You can make them the same if you
want—this is entirely your choice.
To create a new parental control PIN, from the Home screen menu navigate to Settings > Parental controls. The
screen displays a numeric keypad. Use the arrow buttons and the OK button to enter a four digit code. Then repeat
the process to enter the same PIN again, just to make sure you correctly entered the PIN you want to use.

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