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Haier 32E4000R User Manual page 21

Roku tv
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2. Press OK to select Set up for home use. Home mode is the right choice for enjoying your TV. It provides
energy saving options as well as access to all features of the TV.
Note: Store mode configures the TV for retail display and is not recommended for any other use. In store
mode, some features of the TV are missing or limited. To switch from one mode to the other, you have to
perform a factory reset as explained in
After you select Set up for home use, the TV scans for the wireless networks within range and displays them in
order, with the strongest signals first. In addition to your own wireless signal, the TV might pick up signals from your
3. Press
Other options:
Connect to the Internet later – If you're unable to connect to the Internet, that's OK. You can skip this step
and use the TV to watch broadcasts, play games, and watch DVDs. If you want to connect later, it's easy.
We'll show you how in
from thousands of streaming channels so the TV really wants you to connect, and will try a couple more
times to convince you that connecting is a good idea.
Note: If you decide not to connect, Guided Setup skips ahead to setting up the devices that you've connected
to your TV. See
connected TV.
• Scan again / Scan again to see all networks – This option depends on the number of wireless networks
to highlight the name of your wireless network, and then press OK to select it.
"Benefits of
connecting" on page 25 . Connecting the TV enables you to choose
"Non-connected Haier • Roku TV Home
"Factory reset
everything" on page 61 , and then repeat Guided
screen" on page 25 to get started using your non-

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