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I Found A Show, Now What - Haier 32E4000R User Manual

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Tip: Use the Roku mobile app on your smartphone or tablet to make typing and searching even faster. Not
only can you use your device's keypad to type, you can search by simply saying the name of the movie, TV
show, actor or director, channel, or game.
An icon next to each search result shows the category of the result (movie, TV show, actor).
to highlight the search results.

I found a show, now what?

Now that you've highlighted the show, movie, actor, game, or streaming channel you were looking for, press
search result was an actor, director, or other item that does not represent a single item of content, you'll see another
list to narrow down your search. Continue highlighting results and pressing
An HD logo means that the content is available in high-definition. The checked circle adjacent to the title indicates
streaming channels you already have installed.
When you narrow down your search to a game or streaming channel, you'll see detailed information, images or
screenshots, and available actions such a list of streaming channels and the cost of getting the item on each channel.
The next time you use the search feature, the Search screen displays a list of recent search selections in place of the
search instructions.
Using the recent search selections list makes it easy to quickly get to a previously found item, for example, to find
another movie with the same actor, or another TV show in the same series.
to scroll through the list of search results to highlight the item you want to view.
until you find a single, viewable content
. If your

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