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Edit Broadcast Tv Channel Lineup - Haier 32E4000R User Manual

Roku tv
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channel from the Roku Channel Store, it's added at the bottom of your Home screen.
You can easily rearrange the order of the tiles on the Home screen to suit your viewing preferences. For example, you
might want Antenna TV to be the first tile in your Home screen. But if you mostly watch one streaming channel, you
might want its tile to be the first one on your Home screen.
Rearranging tiles is easy:
1. From the Home screen, highlight one of the tiles you want to move.
2. Press
to display a list of options for the type of tile you selected.
3. Select Move input. The list of options disappears and the highlighted tile shows arrows indicating how it can be
4. Use the arrow buttons to move the highlighted tile to its new position. As you move the tile, it pushes other tiles
out of its way.
5. Press OK to lock the tile into its new position.
6. Repeat these steps to move other tiles until you have arranged your Home screen to your liking.

Edit broadcast TV channel lineup

When you set up the TV tuner as described in
with good signals that it could detect in your area. It's likely that you now have more channels than you want in your
channel list.
To edit the channel lineup, from the Home screen, navigate to Settings > TV inputs > Antenna TV > Edit channel
lineup. You'll see a screen listing all of your channels. Adjacent to the list of channels is a miniature TV screen playing
the highlighted channel's picture and sound.
"Setting up Antenna
TV" on page 28 , the TV adds all the channels

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