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Haier 32E4000R User Manual page 52

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Important: If you forget your PIN, the only way to recover is to perform a factory reset operation, as
explained in
"Factory reset
Blocking Movie Store, TV Store, and News (US TV models only)
One of the parental control options is to completely hide the entertainment options that are available directly on the
Home screen menu of Roku TVs.
To hide Home screen entertainment options:
1. From the Home screen menu, navigate to Settings > Parental controls, and then enter your PIN.
2. In the Parental controls screen, highlight Home screen and then select or clear either of these options:
• Hide "Movie Store and TV Store" – Removes the Movie Store and TV Store options from the Home
screen menu.
• Hide "News" – Removes the News option from the Home screen menu.
• Tip: To use either of these options after you've hidden them, you must return to this screen and remove
the check mark from the corresponding Hide command.
Blocking Broadcast TV shows
For broadcast TV, parental controls use information embedded in the broadcast signal to determine whether to allow
a program to be displayed. Parents can configure parental controls to block broadcast TV programs that meet or
exceed a specific rating, so they cannot be viewed or heard unless the correct parental control PIN is entered.
Enabling parental control of TV shows
The first step in blocking TV shows is to enable parental control of TV shows.
This setting is provided separately to make it easier for you to turn parental control of TV shows on and off without
disturbing their settings. For example, your kids are going to summer camp for two weeks, and while they are gone,
you don't want to have to deal with unblocking shows that you want to watch by entering your PIN. All you need to
do is clear Enable parental controls, and all TV shows are unblocked. When the kids return, select Enable parental
controls again, and all of your parental control settings are restored in a single operation.
To enable parental control of TV shows:
1. In the Home screen menu, navigate to Settings > Parental controls, and then enter your PIN.
2. In the Parental controls screen, navigate to TV tuner > Parental control of TV shows.
3. Make sure the check box next to Enable parental controls is checked. If not, highlight it and press OK.
Blocking based on US TV ratings
Most broadcast US TV shows—other than movies—contain rating data that enables parental controls to block shows
that parents don't want others to view. The ratings are divided into two groups that function independently:
Youth group – TV-Y, TV-Y7
everything" on page 61 . Be sure to write it down in a safe place just in case.

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