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Haier 32E4000R User Manual page 60

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Turning off Haier • Roku TV speakers
When you use your Haier • Roku TV with a sound bar or an external amplifier and speakers, you'll probably want to
turn off the internal TV speakers.
To turn off the TV's built-in speakers, in the Home screen menu, navigate to Settings > Audio > TV speakers and
change the setting.
Tip: The TV's internal speakers can be enabled and disabled automatically as needed by system audio
control, as described in
turned off when you use the headphone jack
Changing the audio mode
The TV has two audio modes, accessed by navigating in the Home screen menu to Settings >Audio > Digital audio out:
Stereo – Use this setting for internal speakers, headphones, and external stereo amplifiers connected
through HDMI® ARC, SPDIF optical, or headphone jack.
Auto – Use this setting to automatically detect the best audio setting based on the audio stream in the
content you are watching. If you have connected the TV to an external Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus
compatible amplifier, receiver, or sound bar through HDMI® ARC or SPDIF optical, the TV automatically
selects the appropriate surround sound capabilities of the device based on the characteristics of the current
Setting up a digital audio connection
You can connect the TV to an external amplifier, receiver, or sound bar by using either of these two connections:
HDMI ARC – The HDMI® Audio Return Channel enables the TV to output digital audio on one of its HDMI®
connectors. The connected amplifier can also function simultaneously as an input source to the TV, if
needed. To use the ARC capability, you must connect an HDMI® cable from your amplifier' HDMI® ARC
connector to the HDMI ARC connector on the TV. You also must:
o Be sure your HDMI® cable is certified by HDMI®.
o Select the appropriate setting under Settings > Audio > Audio mode, as explained in
the audio
o Enable HDMI ARC under Settings > System > CEC, as explained in
59 .
SPDIF optical – The TV has an SPDIF optical connector that outputs a digital audio signal. To use the optical
output, connect a TOSLINK optical cable from the amplifier to the Optical or SPDIF connector on the TV. You
also must:
o Select the appropriate setting under Settings > Audio > Audio mode, as explained in
the audio
Note: Dolby Digital Plus format is only output through the HDMI® ARC connection.
After making the required HDMI® ARC or SPDIF optical connection, go to Settings > Audio > S/PDIF and ARC option and
select the audio format to use.
"Enabling system audio
mode" on page 58 .
mode" on page 58 .
control" on page 59 .
The internal speakers are also
"Enabling HDMI®
ARC" on page

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