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The Roku Feed; Searching For Movies & Shows; How Do I Search - Haier 32E4000R User Manual

Roku tv
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The Roku Feed

Use The Roku Feed to find out when you can watch upcoming movies. The Roku Feed gives you updates on your list
of movies that are coming soon to theaters. With The Roku Feed, you'll know when your favorite movie is ready to
stream, the channels it is on, and how much it will cost. You also will be alerted any time a movie becomes available
on another channel and whenever its price changes. When you see a movie that interests you, you can select Follow
this movie on Roku to add it to My Feed.
Note: When a movie you are following becomes available, the streaming channel offering the movie might
require that you subscribe or pay a fee to view it.
Tip: The Roku Feed is available only if your TV is connected to the Internet.
Searching for movies & shows
Searching for movies and shows across multiple streaming channels is one of the unique features of your Roku TV.
Within a single search operation, you can search by:
Movie name
TV show name
Actor or director name
Streaming channel name
Game name
Tip: Roku Search is available only if your TV is connected to the Internet.
Note: Roku Search doesn't search across all streaming channels, but searches across lots of popular
streaming channels. The actual channels it searches vary by locale, but include popular providers such as
Netflix and several others, with more being added all the time.
You can check which streaming channels are included in Roku Search by going to the Search screen, clearing all
previous searches to reveal the search instructions, and then watching the channel tiles cycle at the bottom of the
To search, select Search on the Home menu. The Search screen has a keyboard grid and initially displays instructions—
a set of icons representing search categories and a list of participating provider tiles.
Tip: If you don't see the instructions, navigate to the end of the list of recent searches and select Clear
recent search selections.

How do I search?

To search, use the arrow buttons to enter a few characters of the search term. With each additional character you
enter, you narrow down the search and the search results become more relevant.

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