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Haier 32E4000R User Manual page 22

Roku tv
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within range:
o Scan again appears if the list already shows all available wireless networks within range. If you don't
see your wireless network name in the list, you might need to adjust the location of your wireless
router or the TV, turn on your router, or make other changes. When everything is ready, select Scan
again to see if your network name now appears in the list.
o Scan again to see all networks appears if the TV finds more than seven wireless networks, because
the TV initially displays only the strongest seven networks. If you don't see your wireless network
name in the list, this option displays the complete list. If you still don't see your network name, you
might have your router configured to provide wireless service as a "private network."
Note: Highlighting either of these options displays an informational panel with the unique media
access control (MAC) address of your Roku TV. You will need the MAC address if your wireless router
is configured to use MAC address filtering.
o Private network – If your wireless network name is hidden, it won't appear in the list. Select Private
network to display an on-screen keyboard, and use it to enter your network name. Unless you
changed the factory-set network name, you can find the name (also called SSID) on a label on the
Tip: Wireless networks that are password-protected display a "padlock" icon adjacent to the name.
4. If your network is password-protected, an on-screen keyboard appears. Use the keyboard to enter the network
5. After you submit your network password, the TV displays progress messages as it connects to your wireless
network, your local network, and the Internet.
6. Your TV needs to know the local time zone so that it can correctly display time information about the program
you are currently watching. If the TV is unable to automatically determine the local time zone, it prompts you
to choose your time zone from a list. Use the
7. As soon as the TV is able to connect to the Internet, it downloads and installs its first software update, and then
Tip: Your TV automatically checks for updates periodically. These updates provide new features and improve
your overall experience with the TV. After an update, you might notice that some options have moved, and
that there are new options or features.
buttons to highlight your time zone, and then press

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