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Setting up Antenna TV

Despite all of the entertainment possibilities of your Roku TV, you may also want to watch broadcast TV. You watch
broadcast TV in much the same way you watch other entertainment choices. You select a tile—the Antenna TV tile—
from the Home screen.
The first time you select the Antenna TV tile, you have to set up the TV tuner. Setting up the TV tuner scans for active
channels and adds them to your broadcast TV channel list.

Why do I have to set up the TV tuner?

You might be asking, "Why is this step necessary?" Good question.
Not everyone needs to use the TV tuner. For example, you might have a set top box provided by a cable or satellite
company that receives all of your channels. Most of these set top boxes use an HDMI
More and more people are watching only streaming TV and do not have a TV antenna or cable/satellite service. If you
don't need the TV tuner, you can bypass setting it up and instead remove it from the Home screen as explained in
"Remove unwanted
tiles" on page 47 .
When you set up Antenna TV, the TV scans the signals on its antenna input for channels with a good signal, and adds
those to the channel list, skipping dead channels and channels with a very weak signal.
The TV will, however, let you add two analog channels, even if they have no signal. You might need to add these
channels if you have an older set top box, VCR, or game console that can only output a signal on analog channel 3 or
4. These are the only channels that can be added regardless of whether they have a good signal. Typically, you'll only
need one of these channels, but both are provided to make setup simpler. You can hide the one you don't want as
explained in
"Edit broadcast TV channel

How do I set up the TV tuner?

Setting up the TV tuner is easy—your TV does most of the work. You just have to answer a couple of questions.
1. Make sure your antenna (sold separately) or TV cable is connected to the TV's ANT/CABLE input.
2. On the Home screen, select the Antenna TV tile.
3. Read the simple on-screen instructions and select Start setup.
lineup" on page 46 .

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