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Options Menu - Haier 32E4000R User Manual

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to make this type of change for each TV input one at a time, this setting increases or decreases the TV's
general brightness across all TV inputs. This setting is identical to the TV brightness setting you can access
in the Options menu while watching a program.
Settings per input – This section of options lists each TV input. Select an input to switch to that input. Then
to display the Options menu, where you can adjust the input's settings while watching a live
picture and listening to the sound from that input.
Tip: You don't have to go to the Settings menu first—you can display an input's Options menu and adjust its
settings whenever you are watching the input by pressing

Options menu

The Options menu for each TV input provides settings for controlling the appearance of the picture and the quality of
the audio.
To view the Options menu, press
a panel that appears over the left side of the screen:
To adjust the settings on the Options menu, press
the setting. You'll notice the changes you make right away in picture appearance or audio quality.
Tip: When you highlight a setting, the header text explains the effect of its current value. When you begin
to adjust a setting, the other options are hidden so you can see more of the screen. Even though the other
settings are hidden, you can move the highlight up or down to adjust the other settings.
Options menu settings
TV brightness – Affects the overall brightness of the picture. This setting applies across the entire TV; that
is, to all TV inputs and is identical to the TV brightness setting in the TV picture settings menu.
Picture mode – Provides picture presets for various viewing preferences. This setting applies to the
currently-selected input only.
Audio mode – Adjusts the sound quality output from the TV speakers. This setting applies across the entire
TV; that is, to all TV inputs. It does not affect the sound quality for headphones, HDMI (ARC), or SPDIF
(TOSLINK) connectors.
Sleep timer – Sets a timer that turns off the TV after the specific amount of time. This setting remains in
effect even if you stop watching the current input.
Closed captioning – Controls when you see captions. This setting is only offered for Antenna TV, the AV
input, and streaming videos. Any set value remains in effect across only these inputs.
whenever you are watching a TV input or streaming a video. The Options menu is
to highlight a setting, and then press
to change

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