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If your TV is not connected to the Internet, you can still get system updates by using a USB flash drive and a computer
with an Internet connection.
To get a system update, navigate to Settings > System > System update:
The System update screen on a non-connected TV gives you the opportunity to connect your TV to the Internet to
automatically receive updates. We recommend this option if it is possible in your situation. To proceed, select Connect
to the Internet and follow the instructions in
Otherwise, if you can't connect to the Internet, select I can't connect, and then follow the instructions on the screen.
Here's a summary:
1. On an Internet-connected computer, go to the web site displayed
on the System update screen.
2. On the USB Update web page, select the correct Haier • Roku TV
model and then click Download. Save the file to the root folder of
a standard USB flash drive.
3. When the download finishes, take the USB flash drive to the TV
and plug it into the USB port. When you do, the TV validates the
files on the flash drive and displays a 12-digit code.
4. Write down the code and the web address, and take this
information back to your Internet-connected computer.
5. On the 12-digit code page, enter the code your TV displayed, and
then click Next.
6. On the 6-digit code page, write down the 6-digit code that
appears, and then take it back to your TV.
7. Using the TV remote control, select Next to move to the next
screen, and then use the on-screen keyboard to enter the 6-digit
code. When finished, select OK. The system update begins. Do not
remove the USB flash drive until the TV restarts.
When the update finishes, the TV restarts. You can check the new version number by navigating to Settings > System >
"But what if I didn't connect my Haier • Roku
TV?" on page 27 .
USB flash drive
Any normal USB flash drive will work,
provided it has a FAT-16 or FAT-32 file
system format. (This is the default for
most flash drives.)
The size of the download is small—
usually less than 100 MB—and so will
fit on any size flash drive you might
12- and 6-digit codes
The USB update process uses a pair
of codes to validate that you are
authorized to install an update, and
to ensure you are not attempting to
install an old, unsupported version of
the system software.

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