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Haier 32E4000R User Manual page 44

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produce a very vibrant picture. Setting Picture mode to Movie changes these same settings to produce
a picture suitable for enjoying movies in a darkened room. If you make changes to the individual picture
settings—for example, Contrast, or Sharpness—these settings are saved for the current input and the
current picture mode. In this way, the HDMI 1 input's Movie picture mode can be customized and different
than the HDMI 2 input's Movie picture mode and Antenna TV's Movie picture mode. Use Reset picture
settings, described below, to return the input's current picture mode to its original values.
Dynamic Contrast – Automatically adjusts the backlight level to achieve the optimum contrast and prevent
excessive differences between light and dark areas of the screen. The Backlight option is disabled when
Dynamic Contrast is enabled.
Backlight - Adjusts the overall light intensity of the screen.
Brightness – Adjusts the dark level of the black areas of the picture.
Contrast – Adjusts the white level of the light areas of the picture.
Sharpness – Adjusts the sharpness of the edges of objects in the picture.
Color – Adjusts the intensity of colors in the picture. A setting of 0 removes all color and displays a black
and white picture.
Tint – Adjusts the color balance from green to red to obtain accurate colors in the picture.
Color temperature – Adjusts the overall colors in the picture from Normal to slightly more bluish (Cool) to
slightly more reddish (Warm).
Picture size – Adjusts the aspect ratio of the picture, enabling you to view a picture in its original format,
or zoom or stretch it to fill the screen. The Auto setting has been found to produce the best picture in most
Game mode – Controls whether Game mode is on or off. When On, the TV performs less image processing
and has less input lag. When Off, the TV may perform more image processing and has more input lag,
which is less desirable for action games. Available only for HDMI® and AV inputs.
Reset picture settings – Returns all picture settings for the input's currently-selected Picture mode to their
original values.
Tip: To dismiss the Advanced picture settings menu, just wait a few seconds without pressing any buttons.
Or press
again to dismiss the menu immediately.

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