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Haier 32E4000R User Manual page 71

Roku tv
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Access to Content: Roku Accounts
Additional Definitions Applicable to this Section:
• "Fee-Based Programming" means the specific Content available to end users of the Television who agree
to pay the applicable fee to access the Content.
• "One-Time Fee" means a single one-time charge payable for access to selected Fee-Based Programming.
• "Private Channel" means a Channel which may be accessed by entering a developer-provided linking
code on the Roku website.
• "Public Channel" means a Channel that is generally available to all Roku users and is visible in the Channel
• "Subscription Fee" means a monthly or annual fee charged for access to selected Fee-Based
Establishing an Account
The Television is enabled to permit Your access to Content provided by various Content Providers. In order to access
Content, You are required to establish a Roku Account at and provide Your credit card number or
PayPal account information against which Your Fee-Based Programming fees will be charged. At Your option, a PIN
code may be required to access certain Fee-Based Programming. If You prefer to use a PIN, You will choose Your PIN
when establishing Your Roku Account preferences. Through Your Roku Account, You will be provided the opportunity
to review monthly summaries of Your charges. In addition, for some of the Content, You may be required to maintain
a valid and active account in good standing with one or more Content Providers. You must adhere to Roku's terms
of service and to the terms of service of any Content Provider whose Content You choose to access. See www.roku.
com/channels#!now-playing for a list of Content Providers for the Television. Roku may add or remove Content
Providers, Channel and/or Content from time to time, in its sole discretion. Roku reserves the right to remove, from
Your Television, Your access to any Content and/or Channel if Roku has reason to believe that the Television is stolen,
hacked or compromised, or that the Content or Channel is not properly authorized or licensed, violates any law, or has
been offered by a Content Provider in violation of any agreement between the Content Provider and Roku. You are
responsible for ensuring that any age-restricted Content is not viewed by any person not meeting the applicable age
limits, as specified by law, regulation or the Content Provider.
Fees and Charges
Where Roku manages the handling and processing of Your payments for Fee-Based Programming, the following terms
One-Time Fee Programming. For Public Channels, Your account will be charged in full when You confirm
Your purchase of access to the Channel. For Private Channels, You will be charged after the Channel appears
as an option in Your Channel line-up and after You have confirmed Your purchase of access to the Channel.
For the Content and services purchased from within any Public Channel or Private Channel, Your account
will be charged in full when You confirm the purchase.
Subscription Fee Programming. The timing of Your initial selection of subscription Fee-Based Programming
will provide the basis for Your billing dates for all future monthly and yearly Subscription Fees. All
Subscription Fees will be charged for the full term of the applicable subscription period, i.e., for the month
or year, as applicable, at the time You order the subscription, except where pro-rated monthly billing
applies. Where the first month is pro-rated, the second and all subsequent charges applied to Your account

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