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Controlling Devices Through Cec - Haier 32E4000R User Manual

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Note: In most cases, Auto detect is the best option. Other settings can result in no sound when the content
you are viewing does not contain the audio stream type you selected.
Controlling other devices through CEC
Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) enables your Roku TV and other CEC-compatible home entertainment components
to control one other in various ways. First, the CEC-compatible devices must "discover" one another and report their
capabilities. After this, one device can control another according to the features you enable. For example, playing a
disc on a Blu-ray player could switch the TV to the Blu-ray player's input. Or, powering off the TV could also power off
the Blu-ray player and the home theater receiver.
Discovering connected CEC devices
To discover CEC devices:
1. Make sure that your CEC-compatible components are connected to the TV with a suitable high- speed HDMI®
cable that supports HDMI® ARC and CEC control.
2. Turn on each component and make sure all components have CEC enabled.
Tip: Some manufacturers have their own branded names for CEC functionality, so you might need to read
the product documentation to correctly identify the CEC features of the device.
3. On the TV's Home screen menu, navigate to Settings > System > Control other devices (CEC) > Search for CEC
devices, and then press OK to start the discovery process.
When finished, the TV displays a list of CEC devices that are connected to each HDMI® input, as well as any devices
that had previously been connected. The TV remembers the names of multiple CEC devices even when they are no
longer connected. If the list is longer than the allowed space, press
Enabling HDMI
HDMI® ARC is the audio return channel that is available on one of the TV's HDMI® ports. The audio return channel
enables you to send a Dolby Digital audio signal back to a home theater receiver that is also sending an audio and
video signal into the TV. Using HDMI® ARC reduces the number of cables needed and optionally lets you control the
volume and mute state of the receiver by enabling system audio control.
HDMI® ARC is disabled by default. To enable HDMI® ARC, in the Home screen menu, navigate to Settings > System >
Control other devices (CEC), and then highlight HDMI® ARC. Press OK to check the adjacent check box.
Enabling system audio control
System audio control enables the TV remote control to change the volume and mute state of an amplifier or sound bar
connected through HDMI®, and to display the external device's volume and mute status in the TV's on-screen display.
The TV automatically turns off its internal speakers and sends volume and mute control signals to an external amplifier
when all of the following are true:
System audio control is enabled on the TV.
to see a complete list in a scrollable window.

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