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Canon MultiPASS C5000 Service Manual Page 64

Canon multipass c5000 inkjet printer.
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Table of Contents
Part 1: Facsimile
Data in the EEPROM
The EEPROM stores the absorption amounts of the waste ink absorber and vertical
alignment data. The non-volatile EEPROM does not require any electrical power to retain
the data it contains.
Calculation of the total waste ink amount of the waste ink absorber starts immediately
after the printer is used. When the absorption amount of the waste ink absorber reaches
100 percent, the waste ink full error is generated and the printing operation is stopped to
prevent the waste ink from leaking out.
The vertical alignment data is for correcting any vertical misalignment during bi-
directional printing.
The data in the EEPROM can be checked or altered.
Checking or altering the data In EEPROM
Waste ink absorption amount:
To check the amount, use the service report's System Dump List. For
details, see Chapter 3.
enter the amount, use the service data #'l PRINTER 3. INK ABS
this mode/ on Page 3-4 1.
Vertical alignment data:
To adjust the vertical alignment, see
Correction on Page 3-7.
The amount data is calculated one waste ink absorber. The waste ink
absorption amount displayed in the SYSTEM DUMP LIST indicates the
percentage of the respective absorber's maximum capacity that has been
reached. The percentage can be indicated and entered in 1% increments.
When the waste ink generated immediately after the printer is used reaches
100 percent of the waste ink absorber's capacity, a waste ink full error is
when replacing the PCNT board, be sure to check the current absorption
amount and enter it in the new PCNT board.
If the PCNT board assembly millfunctions and the current waste ink
absorption amount cannot be checked, replace the ink absorber and set the
waste ink absorption amount to 0%. To rcptacc thr ink absorber, we e) Ne&
codes and recovery mefhods on Page 3-24.
a-2) System dump list on Page 3-62.
Chapter 3: 5.25 New SSSWWparameters added to
Chapter 3: 3.2 Verfical Alignment


Table of Contents

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