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Adjustment And Operational Precautions; Adjustment Of Table Insert Position; Confirmation Of Saw Blade Lower Limit Positioning - Hitachi C 12FSA Technical Data And Service Manual

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8-1. Adjustment of Table Insert Position

There are two adjustable table inserts mounted in the turn
table. When the machine is shipped from the factory, the table
inserts are positioned so that there is no chance that the saw
blade will come in contact with either side of the saw blade slot
even if the machine is used for 45˚ bevel cutting. Before
operating the machine, please adjust the position of the table
inserts in accordance with the following procedures.
First, loosen the three M6 machine screws that fasten the table
inserts, then temporarily retighten the two outside screws (front
and back). Next, clamp a workpiece [about 200 mm (7-7/8")
wide] with the vise, cut the workpiece, align the table inserts
with the cut surfaces as shown in Figs. 28-a, 28-b and 28-c,
and fully tighten the front and back M6 machine screws.
Finally, remove the workpiece and fully tighten the middle M6
machine screws. If adjustment is done as described,
workpieces can be cut precisely by aligning the cutting line on
the workpiece with the appropriate side edge of the table
inserts. Adjust the table inserts as necessary for the type of
cutting desired (right-angle cutting or left/right bevel cutting).

8-2. Confirmation of Saw Blade Lower Limit Positioning

The lower limit of the saw blade cutting depth is factory adjusted so that when the saw blade is fully lowered, its
cutting edge is 9 to 10 mm (11/32" to 13/32") below the upper surface of the turn table. Lower the saw blade and
confirm that it stops at the correct position. (See Fig. 29.)
If it is necessary to adjust the saw blade lower limit, loosen the two M8 nuts on the M8 cutting depth adjustment
bolt, and turn the adjustment bolt if necessary.
On completion of adjustment, ensure that the two M8 nuts are properly tightened, and then tighten the M8 wing
nut. (See Fig. 30.)
M6 machine screws
M6 machine screws
Table inserts
--- 17 ---
Saw blade
Table inserts
[Right angle cutting]
Fig. 28-a
Saw blade
Table inserts
[Left bevel cutting]
Fig. 28-b
M6 machine
Saw blade
[Right bevel cutting]
Fig. 28-c



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