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Adjustment And Operational Precautions; Cutting A Groove On The Table Insert; Confirmation Of Saw Blade Lower Limit Position - Hitachi C-10FCB Technical Data And Service Manualice Manual

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(4) Caution plate (C)
For the U.S.A. and Canada only
The caution plate (C) specified by the UL is affixed on the upper right-hand portion of the gear case. Please
instruct users to strictly observe the contents 1 to 9 in the caution plate (C) shown above.


8-1. Cutting A Groove on The Table Insert

A groove has to be cut in the table insert, before starting operation.
Secure a piece of wood about 5-1/2" (140 mm) wide to the table with
the vise assembly, to prevent the breakage of the table insert. After the
switch has been turned on and the saw blade has reached maximum
speed, slowly lower the handle to cut a groove on the table insert.
CAUTION: Do not cut the groove too quickly; otherwise the
table insert might become damaged.

8-2. Confirmation of Saw Blade Lower Limit Position

WARNING: To prevent an accident or personal injury, always turn off the trigger switch and
disconnect the power plug from the receptacle before adjustment.
Check that the saw blade can be lowered 1-5/8" to 1-21/32" (41 mm
to 42 mm) below the table insert. If necessary, adjust as follows:
(1) Loosen the 8 mm lock nut on the 8 mm depth adjustment screw.
(2) Turn the 8 mm depth adjustment screw as necessary to set the
lower limit position. The saw blade goes up when the 8 mm
depth adjustment screw is turned counterclockwise and down
when it is turned clockwise.
(3) Once the adjustment is complete, fully tighten the 8 mm lock nut.
NOTE: Before tightening the 8 mm lock nut, confirm that the saw blade is adjusted so that it will not cut into the
Turn table
8 mm lock nut
8 mm depth
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