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Mitsubishi Electric FR-E520 Instruction Manual Page 66

Transistorized inverter.
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(2) Low Voltage Directive
1)Our view of transistorized inverters for the Low Voltage Directive
Transistorized inverters are covered by the Low Voltage Directive (Standard to
comply with: DIN VDE0160 (200V class), EN50178 (400V class, 100V class)).
We have self-confirmed our inverters as products compliant to the Low Voltage
Directive and place the CE mark on the inverters.
3) Outline of instructions
* In the 400V class inverters, the rated input voltage range is three-phase, 380V to
415V, 50Hz/60Hz.
* Connect the equipment to the earth (ground) securely. Do not use an earth
(ground) leakage circuit breaker as an electric shock protector without
connecting the equipment to the earth (ground).
* Wire the earth (ground) terminal independently. (Do not connect two or more
cables to one terminal.)
* The wire size on pages 21 and 23 are shown for following conditions
• Ambient Temp: 40°C maximum
• Wire installation: On wall without ducts or conduits
If conditions are different from above, select appropriate wire according to
* Use the no-fuse breaker and magnetic contactor which conform to the EN or IEC
Design notice: Where residual-current-operated protective device (RCD) is used
* Use the inverter under the conditions of overvoltage category II and
contamination level 2 or higher specified in IEC664.
(a) To use the inverter under the conditions of overvoltage category II, put an
insulated transformer or surge absorber which conform to the EN or IEC
standard on the inverter input side.
(b) To meet the contamination level 2, install the inverter in a control box
protected against ingress of water, oil, carbon, dust, etc. (IP54 or higher).
* On the input and output of the inverter, use cables of the type and size set forth
in EN60204 Appendix C.
* The operating capacity of the relay outputs (terminal symbols A, B, C) should be
30VDC, 0.3A.
* The terminals indicated as the input and output terminals for control circuit on
page 16 are isolated safely from the main circuit.
Ambient Temperature
Ambient Humidity
Maximum Altitude
Details are given in the technical information "Low Voltage Directive Conformance
Guide" (BCN-A21041-203). Please contact your sales representative.
for protection in case of direct or indirect contact, only RCD of
Type B is allowed on the supply side of this Electronic Equipment
(EE). Otherwise another protective measure shall be applied
such as separation of the EE from the environment by double or
reinforced insulation or isolation of EE and supply system by a
transformer. (Extract from EN51078)
-10°C to +50°C
90% RH or less
1,000 m
In storage
-20°C to +65°C
90% RH or less
1,000 m
-20°C to +65°C
90% RH or less
10,000 m


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