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Mitsubishi Electric FR-E520 Instruction Manual Page 31

Transistorized inverter.
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6) Connect only the recommended optional brake resistor between the terminals P-PR
(+ - PR). Keep terminals P-PR (+ - PR) of 0.1K or 0.2K open.
These terminals must not be shorted.
0.1K and 0.2K do not accept the brake resistor. Keep terminals P-PR (+ - PR) open.
Also, never short these terminals.
7) Electromagnetic wave interference
The input/output (main circuit) of the inverter includes harmonic components, which
may interfere with the communication devices (such as AM radios) used near the
inverter. In this case, install the FR-BIF optional radio noise filter (for use in the input
side only) or FR-BSF01 or FR-BLF line noise filter to minimize interference.
8) Do not install a power capacitor, surge suppressor or radio noise filter (FR-BIF option)
on the output side of the inverter.
This will cause the inverter to trip or the capacitor and surge suppressor to be
damaged. If any of the above devices are installed, immediately remove them. (When
using the FR-BIF radio noise filter with a single-phase power supply, connect it to the
input side of the inverter after isolating the T phase securely.)
9) When rewiring after operation, make sure that the POWER lamp has gone off, and
when more than 10 minutes has elapsed after power-off, check with a meter etc. that
the voltage is zero. After that, start rewiring work. For some time after power-off, there
is a dangerous voltage in the capacitor.
Notes on Earthing (Grounding)
! Leakage currents flow in the inverter. To prevent an electric shock, the inverter and
motor must be earthed (grounded). Earthing (grounding) must conform to the
requirements of national and local safety regulations and electrical codes.
(JIS, NEC section 250, IEC 536 class 1 and other applicable standards)
! Use the dedicated earth (ground) terminal to earth (ground) the inverter. (Do not
use the screw in the case, chassis, etc.) For the earth (ground) connection, avoid
direct contact between aluminium and copper. Tin-plated cable lugs can be used if
the plating does not contain zinc. When tightening the screws, take care not to
damage the thread in the aluminium frame.
! Use the thickest possible earth (ground) cable. Use the cable whose size is equal
to or greater than that indicated below, and minimize the cable length. The earthing
(grounding) point should be as near as possible to the inverter.
Motor Capacity
2.2kW or less
5.5kW, 7.5kW
For use as a product compliant with the Low Voltage Directive, use PVC cable
whose size is indicated within parentheses.
! Earth (ground) the motor on the inverter side using one wire of the 4-core cable.
Earth (ground) Cable Gauge
100V class
200V class
2 (2.5)
2 (2.5)
3.5 (4)
5.5 (6)
(Unit: mm
400V class
2 (2.5)
2 (4)
3.5 (4)


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