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Basic Configuration - Mitsubishi Electric FR-E520 Instruction Manual

Transistorized inverter.
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Basic Configuration

Basic configuration
The following devices are required to operate the inverter. Proper peripheral devices
must be selected and correct connections made to ensure proper operation. Incorrect
system configuration and connections can cause the inverter to operate improperly, its
life to be reduced considerably, and in the worst case, the inverter to be damaged.
Please handle the inverter properly in accordance with the information in each section
as well as the precautions and instructions of this manual. (For connections of the
peripheral devices, refer to the corresponding manuals.)
Earth (ground)
Earth (ground)
Harmonic Suppression Guideline
The "harmonic suppression guideline for household appliances and general-purpose products"
was issued by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (formerly Ministry of International Trade
and Industry) in September, 1994. This guideline applies to the 3.7K* and less models of three-
phase 200V classes. By installing the power factor improving reactor (FR-BEL or FR-BAL),
inverters comply with the "harmonic suppression techniques for transistorized inverters (input
current 20A or less)" established by the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association.
* For the single-phase 200V class, the guideline applies to 2.2kW and less models.
For the single-phase 100V class, the guideline applies to 0.75kW and less models.
Power supply
Earth (ground)
leakage circuit
breaker or no-
fuse breaker
DC reactor
connected to
the output
Earth (Ground)
Use the power supply within the permissible power
supply specifications of the inverter. (Refer to page
The breaker should be selected with care since a
large inrush current flows in the inverter at power
on. (Refer to page 48.)
Install for your safety. (Refer to page 53.) Do not
use this magnetic contactor to start or stop the
inverter. It might reduce the inverter life. (Refer to
page 48.)
The reactors must be used when the power factor is
to be improved or the inverter is installed near a large
power supply system (500KVA or more and wiring
distance within 10m). Make selection carefully.
• The life of the inverter is influenced by ambient
temperature. The ambient temperature should be
as low as possible within the permissible range.
This must be noted especially when the inverter is
installed in an enclosure. (Refer to page 14.)
• Wrong wiring might lead to damage of the
inverter. The control signal lines should be kept
away from the main circuit to protect them from
noise. (Refer to page 16.)
Do not connect a power capacitor, surge
suppressor or radio noise filter on the output side.
When installing a no-fuse breaker on the output
side of the inverter, contact each manufacturer for
selection of the no-fuse breaker.
To prevent an electric shock, always earth
(ground) the motor and inverter.
For reduction of induction noise from the power
line of the inverter, it is recommended to wire the
earth (ground) cable by returning it to the earth
(ground) terminal of the inverter. (Refer to page


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