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Meter (frequency Meter) Calibration (pr. 900) - Mitsubishi Electric FR-E520 Instruction Manual

Transistorized inverter.
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4.2.51 Meter (frequency meter) calibration (Pr. 900)

Pr. 900 "FM terminal calibration"
! By using the operation panel or parameter
unit, you can calibrate a meter connected to terminal FM to full scale deflection.
! Terminal FM provides the pulse output. By setting Pr. 900, you can calibrate the
meter connected to the inverter from the parameter unit without providing a
calibration resistor.
! You can display a digital value on a digital counter using the pulse train signal from
terminal FM. A 1440 pulses/s output is provided at the full scale value as explained in
the section of Pr. 54. When the running frequency has been selected for monitoring,
the ratio of this FM terminal output frequency can be set in Pr. 55.
1mA full scale
Analog meter
Pulse width T1
Pulse period T2
* Not needed when the operation panel or parameter unit (FR-PU04) is used for
calibration. Used when calibration must be made near the frequency meter for
such a reason as a remote frequency meter. However, the frequency meter
needle may not deflect to full-scale if the calibration resisitor is connected. In this
case, use this resistor and the operation panel or parameter unit together.
(1) Calibration of terminal FM
1) Connect a meter (frequency meter) across inverter terminals FM-SD.
(Note the polarity. FM is the positive terminal.)
2) When a calibration resistor has already been connected, adjust the
resistance to "0" or remove the resistor.
3) Set any of "0 to 2" in Pr. 54.
When the running frequency or inverter output current has been selected as
the output signal, preset in Pr. 55 or Pr. 56 the running frequency or current
at which the output signal is 1440pulses/s.
At this 1440 pulses/s, the meter normally deflects to full scale.
: Adjusted with Pr. 900
: Set in Pr. 55 (frequency monitoring)
Set in Pr. 56 (current monitoring)
Pr. 54 "FM terminal function
Pr. 55 "frequency monitoring
Pr. 56 "current monitoring
Note : The parameter is factory-set to 1mA
Related parameters
(Digital meter)
full-scale or 1440pulses/s.
FM output frequency at 60Hz.


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