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Restoring The Default Password - Promise Technology SmartStor NAS Product Manual

Smartstor nas disk storage system
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SmartStor NAS Product Manual
Figure 9. Email message from the SmartStor.
See "Adding an Email Alert Recipient" on page 178 for more information about
email alerts.

8.12 Restoring the Default Password

Normally, you change your password in WebPASM. See "Changing the User's
Password" on page 136.
If you changed the password and then forgot the new password, you can reset
the SmartStor to the default password: admin. Use a straightened paper clip or
the tip of a ball-point pen as a reset tool.
To reset the Administrator's password:
1. Verify that the SmartStor is fully booted.
2. Insert your reset tool into the reset button hole on the back of the SmartStor.
See Figure 10.
3. Press and hold the reset button for Five seconds, until the System Status
LED flashes three times.
See Figure 10. The Administrator's password is now reset to admin.