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NEC Series E User Manual page 27

Agent console dterm
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Special Agent System Tally Code (Leading O)
To add a new split to split list.
To invoke, press
working splits. An agent may work in up to 16 splits simultaneously.
To delete a split from the split list.
To invoke, press
026# To display current split list.
To invoke, press
split's name will be shown for approximately 3 seconds.
027# To save the current working split list to permanent ACD database memory.
To invoke, press
Ordinarily, when splits are added or deleted (via Tally-Oh 024 and 025) they are in use for the
current logon session only. However, if the split selections are to be permanently assigned (until
modified) to that agent's logon ID then they must be transferred to permanent ACD database memory.
028# Unlocks the agent's current position. This request is for emergency use only. There is no display
associated with this request.
To invoke, press
to add a new working split
to delete a split
to display a list of the currently assigned splits on the agent's LCD display. Each
to save the current split assignments to permanent ACD database memory.
028#. (Emergency use only, notify NECAM of any lockups.)
at preference level
from the list of splits.
to the list of



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