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NEC Series E User Manual

Agent console dterm
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Summary of Contents for NEC Series E

  • Page 1 TERM ® SERIES E Agent Console USER GUIDE...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    RIGINATE A SING PEED ALLING STABLISH XTERNAL RANSMISSION ODEM OOLING CCOUNT This user guide is published to support D term Series E ACD Terminal ORCED CCOUNT operation with ACD Release II, III, IV (NEAX2400 IMS) and UTHORIZATION CallCenterWorX (NEAX2000 IVS).
  • Page 4: Dedicated Function Keys And Lamps

    DEDICATED FUNCTION LOGON Press to LOGON or LOGOFF status. KEYS AND LAMPS BREAK When pressed by the ACD Agent, the position UNCTION is still Logged On, but it is temporarily unavailable to receive ACD calls. (This key is used for RELEASE lunch time and breaks, etc) Press this key to release an established ACD or...
  • Page 5: Acd Call

    ACD P EMER ROGRAMMABLE EATURE This feature permits an ACD Agent to record a AUTO/MAN conversation between an ACD Agent and caller if recording equipment is provided. Simultaneously, When pressed the associated lamp will light a call is placed to the Split Supervisors Line key steadily indicating the Agent is in the Automatic for silent monitoring.
  • Page 6 This key is used to indicate calls in queue. The Agent presses this key to show how many calls in term Message Reminder – D Series E station queue and the time of the longest waiting call. users may leave messages on the alphanumeric term...
  • Page 7: Call Back

    PICK-DIRECT Call Pick-Up-Direct – allows a station user to Press key to transfer a call from a voice line to intercept calls directed to another station. a data line. Call Forwarding-All Calls – this feature allows Do not disturb – the feature allows a station the station user to forward a split incoming call user to stop calls from ringing at the station to an alternate answering position.
  • Page 8 Help Press the Help Key. Press desired Soft Key for On Hook State helpful information about that key. 3:17 PM (Telephone is idle) Exit Headset Exit Help Press the Exit Key to exit the Help program. OHROFF (Off Hook Ringing Off) Off Hook State 2000 3:17 PM...
  • Page 9: To Log On When Id Code Is Required

    TO LOG ON WHEN Dial Agent LOG HELLO LARRY ID Code, press the ID CODE IS REQUIRED (Time display) key, digits dialed are displayed. The LOGON and If the entered Log On ID code is currently in use, WORK lamps light ID IN USE the display indicates and then returns to...
  • Page 10: To Log On When Id Code Is Not Required

    TO LOG ON WHEN ID WORK READY must be pressed CODE IS NOT REQUIRED (Time display) before Agent can begin taking calls. The console is now From VACANT Status: in Ready status. LOGON lamp VACANT is dark. (Time display) LOGON Press HELLO LARRY...
  • Page 11: To Log Off With Or Without Id Codes

    NOTE: Auto answer TO LOG OFF WITH OR AUTO ANSWER is displayed and active WITHOUT ID CODES only if auto answer is (Time display) programmed. NOTE: Work mode WORK MODE is displayed and active REAK ODE OR only if work mode has EADY TATUS (Time display)
  • Page 12: T O Set Automatic Answer

    TO SET The number of ACD CALLS incoming calls AUTOMATIC ANSWER (Time display) handled. Of the calls handled, AVG TALK 1:30.9 the average time NOTE: This feature applies only to a station that is (Time display) off hook on handset or headset. spent on each call in minutes, seconds and NOTE: Automatic Answer applies only to ACD calls.
  • Page 13: To Set Manual Answer

    TO ANSWER/RELEASE AN TO SET INCOMING ACD CALL MANUAL ANSWER ROM THE ANUAL NSWER TATUS UTOMATIC NSWER TATUS AUTO Incoming ACD Press key. READY MANUAL ANSWER call, associated (Time display) (Time display) lamp flashes red. Lamp is dark. Display alternates between who is calling name, ACD Agent number, trunk etc.
  • Page 14 Zip tone is heard before call is connected to Upon completion 15:39 SERVICE the agent. of conversation, (Time display) RELEASE press key. Upon completion 15:39 SERVICE of call, press Position is returned READY (Time display) RELEASE key. to Ready Status, (Time display) agent position is Position is returned to Ready Status, agent...
  • Page 15: To Hold A Call

    TO HOLD A CALL NANSWERED After a preprogrammed time; automatic recall is initiated. ACD C HILE NGAGED IN AN Visual and audible signal (rapid flash and ring HOLD Press key; burst) will be sent to ACD Agent which WATS held line will flash placed call on hold.
  • Page 16: To Transfer A Call To Split Queue

    TO TRANSFER A CALL TO Steady Flashes Dial the destination SPLIT QUEUE 3000 split via a pilot number. (Time display) RELEASE Press key, hang up (announcements PBX S ACD A ROM A TATION OR AN GENT will be heard by the transferred party) or wait UPERVISOR OSITION for transfer ACD agent to answer.
  • Page 17: To Set/Reset Break Mode

    TO SET/RESET EADY TATUS SING A ORMAL REAK BREAK MODE BREAK Press key, ON BREAK lamp lights steadily. (Time display) ACD C HILE NGAGED IN AN ESET BREAK Press BREAK PENDING Upon completion BREAK OVER 15:00 key, lamp lights of Break mode, (Time display) steadily.
  • Page 18 Status returned to Ready or Work mode. NOTE: The Supervisor defines Break selection types in the MIS and provides this information to the Agent. NOTE: Depending on the type of MIS system used, the ACD system can be set up for multiple break type. Example: Break 1 - Lunch Multiple break...
  • Page 19: Work Mode Duringa Call

    No further ACD calls will be received. WORK MODE DURING Upon completion A CALL READY of Work, press WORK key, lamp (Time display) extinguishes. URING A Work mode is canceled, status returns to WORK While engaged in an ACD call, press Ready, ACD calls will be received.
  • Page 20: Tally Count

    TALLY COUNT TO PLACE AN ASSISTANCE CALL ACD C HILE NGAGED IN AN ALL OR ACD C GENT IS NGAGED IN AN TALLY Press key; TALLY NUMBER? Agent presses ASSIST PARTS lamp flashes green. ASSIST key; lamp (Time display) (Time display) lights steadily.
  • Page 21: Monitor Me

    MONITOR ME ONFERENCE RANSFER Upon completion of conversation, press CONF key, all three parties will be connected. An agent can request to be monitored by a ASSIST specific agent or supervisor. If the Either the Supervisor or the Agent may drop MONITOR ME feature is dedicated to the feature.
  • Page 22: To Place An Emergency Call

    If the supervisor decides to join the call, the To barge into the call the supervisor presses key, then 1, #. agent and calling party will hear a warning tone. RELEASE Press key to transfer the call to TO PLACE AN supervisory position after the supervisor answers.
  • Page 23: To Report Trunk Trouble

    TO REPORT TALLY-OH FEATURES TRUNK TROUBLE Tally-Oh codes beginning with a zero are reserved for special use by agents and are NOTE: The ACD call is not effected by this not reported to the MIS. These codes invoke procedure. ACD Agent must be engaged in a call various actions, such as statistical displays and TRK TRBL to initiate a trunk trouble report.
  • Page 24 Special Agent System Tally Code (Leading O) Code Meaning 000# Displays the agent’s statistics (shift time, number of ACD calls answered, average talk time, total time in Work mode since logging on, and total time in Break mode since logging on) for the current agent or the last agent logged on.
  • Page 25 Special Agent System Tally Code (Leading O) Code Meaning 003# Displays the quantity of working agents (on an ACD call, in Work mode, in Ready mode) in the split(s) served by the logged-on agent. If the position is Vacant and allowed a single split, the quantity of working agents in that split is shown.
  • Page 26 Special Agent System Tally Code (Leading O) Code Meaning 006# Sends a request during an ACD call for a supervisor to monitor the conversation. The display shows the designated supervisor’s name or split. To invoke, press 006#. SAMPLE DISPLAY: MONITOR JAMES 007# Sends a request to temporarily disable the Work mode time limit.
  • Page 27 Special Agent System Tally Code (Leading O) Code Meaning To add a new split to split list. To invoke, press 024ssspp# to add a new working split (sss) at preference level (pp) to the list of working splits. An agent may work in up to 16 splits simultaneously. To delete a split from the split list.
  • Page 28 Special Agent System Tally Code (Leading O) Code Meaning 029# Forces the agent to log off at the current position. This request is for emergency use only. There is no display associated with this request. To invoke, press 029#. (Emergency use only, notify NECAM of any lockups.)
  • Page 29: To Originate An Outside Call

    In this section, additional Function Keys (e.g. TO ORIGINATE AN FEATURE, ANSWER, TRANSFER, etc.) must INTERNAL CALL first be programmed on the Agent Console by the System Administrator. Lift handset or headset. TO ORIGINATE AN NON-ACD LINE Press key. OUTSIDE CALL Receive dial tone.
  • Page 30: To Originate A Call Using Speed Calling

    TO ORIGINATE A CALL ERIFY USING SPEED CALLING FEATURE Press key. (ONE-TOUCH KEYS) SPEED CALL Press desired key. Display indicates digits programmed. NON-ACD LINE Press key. NOTE 1: To program a hookswitch for transfer or RELEASE feature activation, press key as first digit SPEED CALL SPKR Press desired...
  • Page 31: Account Code

    ACCOUNT CODE NTER CCOUNT FTER UTHORIZATION Life handset. NTER NON-ACD LINE Press key. Lift handset. Receive dial tone. NON-ACD LINE Press key. Enter feature Access Code for Authorization Receive dial tone. Code, receive Service Set tone. Enter feature Access Code, receive Service NOTE: Authorization and account codes may be up Set tone.* to 15 digits combined.
  • Page 32: Forced Account Code

    FORCED AUTHORIZATION CODE ACCOUNT CODE NTER ITHOUT CCOUNT Lift handset. Lift handset. NON-ACD LINE Press key. NON-ACD LINE Press key. Receive dial tone. Receive dial tone. Enter feature Access Code, receive Service Enter feature Access Code, receive Service Set tone.* Set tone.* Enter Forced Account Code (up to 10 digits), Enter Authorization Code (up to 10 digits),...
  • Page 33: Conference

    –O – CONFERENCE NON-ACD LINE Press key. With call in progress, ask party to hold. Receive dial tone. TRANSFER Press key, receive interrupted Dial desired number. dial tone. If Authorization Code is required, caller hears Dial desired number. special dial tone. CONF After call is answered, press key;...
  • Page 34: To Establisha Broker Call

    TO ESTABLISH TO ANSWER A A BROKER CALL CAMPED-ON CALL While engaged in a call and wishing to consult ROM THE TTENDANT TRANSFER a third party, press key; receive interrupted dial tone, caller is automatically While engaged in a call, receive camp-on placed on hold.
  • Page 35: Call Waiting - Originating

    CALL WAITING – – O CTIVATE AITING RIGINATING ORIGINATING Dial desired station number, receive busy tone. CALL WAITING Press key. Called Station Number Receive special ROGRAM AITING ring back tone, OUCH PEED Call Waiting (Time display) FEATURE Press key. tone will be sent to busy station.
  • Page 36: Call Park

    CALL PARK NSWER A AITING Calling Station Number Call Waiting tone CW SET 2000 is heard. ROGRAM (Time display) OUCH PEED ANSWER Press key. FEATURE Press key. ANSWER NOTE: By pressing the key, station can alternate between the original and camped-on parties, display will Press one touch speed key.
  • Page 37 -ACD L ARK A ALL ON A ETRIEVE A ARKED ROM A EMOTE TATION While connected to a station or trunk: Dial Call Park TRANSFER Press key. 0:01 WATS remote retrieval Parked Station or Trunk (Time display) code* and the Dial the Call Park PARK WATS 2...
  • Page 38: Call Pick-Up (Group)

    CALL PICK-UP (GROUP) CALL PICK-UP (DIRECT) TATION ITHIN ROUP INGS ROGRAM IRECT OUCH PEED Lift handset. FEATURE Press key. NON-ACD LINE Press key. ONE-TOUCH SPEED Press key. CALL PICK-UP Press feature button or dial CALL PICK-Up Access Code. (Also, may Dial Direct Call Pick-Up Access Code.
  • Page 39: Outgoing Trunk Queuing

    – O – OUTGOING TRUNK QUEUING DIRECT CALL PICK-UP Dial Access Code and the station number to be picked up. Connection to If trunk “Busy”: 2000 WATS 3 calling party is Receive TRUNK OGQ SET (Time display) established. BUSY indication; Called Calling (Time display)
  • Page 40: Off-Hook Trunk Queuing

    OFF-HOOK LAST NUMBER REDIAL TRUNK QUEUING ECALL THE ELEPHONE UMBER IALED Lift handset. NON-ACD LINE Lift handset. Press key. NON-ACD LINE Press key. Receive dial tone. Receive dial tone. Dial OFF-HOOK QUEUING access code. REDIAL Press key, Dial desired telephone number; encounter LNR [ * ]/SD [-] outside or internal a trunk busy condition.
  • Page 41: Call Forwarding - All Calls

    CALL FORWARDING – ANCEL ALL CALLS Lift handset. NON-ACD LINE Press key. Receive dial tone. Lift handset. Press key or dial Call Forward cancel code; receive Service Set tone*, FWD lamp NON-ACD LINE Press key. goes out at your station. Receive dial tone.
  • Page 42: Call Back

    CALL BACK Lift handset, then 2000 called party’ s Calling Party phone rings. “B ” ALLED TATION IS Connection is established when called party answers. CALL BACK Press CB SET 2000 key if; receive NOTE: Call Back may be programmed by the PBX (Time display) Engineer on a Programmable Line/Feature key or by Service Set tone.*...
  • Page 43: To Save And Repeata Number

    NON-ACD LINE Press key. S & R term Press key; D Series E will automatically Dial desired telephone number. redial the programmed number. S & R Press key; dialed number is now stored. S & R key automatically canceled; LED goes out.
  • Page 44: To Leave A Message

    Called station MSG LED lights. Re-press key again to display additional messages in order received. NOTE: MSG BUSY •Up to four messages term can be stored in D (Time display) Series E memory. If a fifth message is attempted, ring back tone is heard.
  • Page 45: Do Not Disturb

    DO NOT DISTURB ESPOND While displaying desired message; lift handset NON-ACD LINE and Press key. HILE Press key; station which left message Press key*; will be automatically redialed. DND SET LED lights. (Time display) RASE ANCEL Message is erased. MSG CNCL Press key;...
  • Page 46: Privacy

    DATA FEATURES PRIVACY CTIVATE IMULTANEOUS OICE HILE RANSMISSION Press key, PRV SET To send data to LED flashes; XXXX (Time display) the same station Display indicates: (Time display) already involved Privacy feature prevents interruptions for the in voice conversation, duration of a call. originating station presses key.
  • Page 47 DATA connection To disconnect from D DTE D DTE XXXX XXXX is established while DATA connection, (Time display) (Time display) voice conversation either station can DATA press key. continues. Voice conversation can NOTE: If receiving station is programmed for Auto be disconnected Answer, disregard this step.
  • Page 48: To Establish External Data Transmission Via Modem Pooling

    TO ESTABLISH EXTERNAL Receiving station D DTE XXXX DATA presses key. DATA TRANSMISSION (Time display) Data is established. VIA MODEM POOLING To disconnect from DATA call, either originating or receiving station can press Internal station user initiates a voice DATA key.
  • Page 49 NTERNAL ARTY ECEIVES A Station‘s data XXXX port will ring. (Time display) Data lamp flashes. DATA Press XXXX key to answer. (Time display) NOTE: If receiving station is programmed for Auto Answer, disregard this step. *Service Set tone is optional depending upon system programming. Data connection is established.
  • Page 50 NOTES...
  • Page 51 ROGRAMMABLE Call Indicator Lamp HELP Flexible Line / ROGRAMMABLE Feature Keys (Programmable by One-Touch Speed telephone system administrator) EXIT Dial / Feature Keys (Programmable by user) LOGON RELEASE CONF (Conference) TALLY HOLD Lamp (Microphone) TRANSFER BREAK UP / DOWN ( (Enter/Exit WORK (Volume/Contrast)
  • Page 52 For more information contact: NEC America, Inc. 1555 Walnut Hill Lane, Irving Texas 75038-3796 1 800 TEAM NEC term NEAX and D are registered trademarks of NEC Corporation 590301 *590301* 7/98...

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