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Multiline telephone
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Summary of Contents for NEC ELECTRA ELITE

  • Page 1 l e c t r a E l i t e u l t i l i n e Te l e p h o n e U s e r G u i d e...
  • Page 2 l e c t r a E l i t e Te l e p h o n e s 8 Button Non Display 16 Button Display 8 Button Display 32 Button Non Display with 16 DSS/BLF One Touch Keys 32 Button Display with 16 DSS/BLF One Touch Keys 16 Button Non Display Speaker...
  • Page 3 a b l e o f C o n t e n t s 2 & 3 A G E S General Information Answering Calls Placing Calls 4 & 5 A G E S Placing Calls (Continued) Microphone Control Speakerphone Calls Group Listening 6 &...
  • Page 4 e n e r a l I n f o r m a t i o n The following should be considered when reviewing this User Guide: All operational instructions assume Prime Line Pickup is assigned to intercom dial tone, Ringing Line Preference is assigned to all telephones, a Line and Second Incoming Extension key has been assigned to all multiline telephones and only a single tenant has been assigned in the system.
  • Page 5: Ringing Calls T O A Second Incoming Extension Key

    n s w e r i n g C a l l s I N G I N G A L L S Lift handset. Converse. NOTE: When assigned the Delayed Ringing feature, incoming calls will first ring at a primary station. If the call is unanswered after a preprogrammed time interval, calls will also ring at the assigned secondary station.
  • Page 6 Press Feature Access key or One Touch key programmed for Direct Station Selection. Voice announce after tone burst or wait for ringing call to be answered. NOTE 1: When calling a multiline telephone, dialing 1 after the station number will change ringing to voice or voice to ringing.
  • Page 7 Use the dialpad to enter the first letter of the desired entry then dial *. Press UP/DOWN Softkeys to scroll. Lift handset or press Speaker or press an idle Outside Line key to place call to displayed entry. Press Feature or Exit or wait 10 seconds to cancel. NOTE: For example, when using the dialpad to search the directory for the name “Ann”, dial the number 2 on the dialpad followed by the *.
  • Page 8 o l d i n g C a l l s NON-EXCLUSIVE HOLD EXCLUSIVE HOLD With a call in progress: With a call in progress: Press Hold. Press Feature. Press Hold. NOTE 1: To retrieve a held call, press the flashing Line key or Conf key (internal calls). NOTE 2: Calls on Non-Exclusive Hold can be retrieved from any multiline telephone with the held line appearance.
  • Page 9 o n f e r e n c e B r i d g e Call a Conference Bridge extension. When the voice prompt is heard, enter the password and press # . Start the conference call. Start a conference call from an an off premise location: Call a line that is directed to the Conference Bridge.
  • Page 10: Whisper Page

    A L L B A C K E Q U E S T ANSWER When calling a busy or unanswered Receive display and/or Feature multiline telephone: LED message indication: Dial Callback Request code #. Lift handset. Replace handset. Dial #: request originator is automatically called.
  • Page 11 O / P B X D i a l i n g O p t i o n s & R A V E E P E A T SAVE REPEAT With an originating outside call in progress: Lift handset. Press Feature.
  • Page 12 A L L E R ANSWER PLACING CALLER ID CALLS Receive incoming ringing or Press Scroll repeatedly until transferred outside call: desired number is displayed. Review telephone display for Lift handset to automatically dial calling party’s name or number. displayed number. Answer call accordingly.
  • Page 13 E E T N S W E R Lift handset. Dial Meet-Me Answer code: Internal page External page Converse. a c k g r o u n d M u s i c SET/CANCEL Press Feature. Dial BGM On/Off code 26. NOTE: A BGM key may be assigned in system programming to set/cancel the Background Music feature.
  • Page 14 ( B / N A ) A L L O R WA R D U S Y N S W E R CANCEL Press Speaker. Press Speaker. Dial Call Forward cancel code 44. Dial Call Forward B/NA set code 43. Press Speaker.
  • Page 15 Hear confirmation tone and press Speaker. Inform Attendant your relocation is complete and request that the Attendant turn Set Relocation Mode off. t a t i o n O u t g o i n g L o c k o u t H A N G I N G O C K O U T A S S W O R D...
  • Page 16 c c o u n t C o d e F o r c e d / Ve r i f i e d To place an outside call: Lift handset. Dial Forced Account access code ____. Dial Forced Account Code ____ (up to 13 digits).
  • Page 17: Off-Hook Ringing Volume

    R E A K O D E CANCEL Press Speaker. Press Speaker. Dial 40. Dial 42. Press Speaker. Press Speaker. NOTE 1: Break Mode is only available while an agent is logged-on. NOTE 2: A Break key may be assigned in system programming to set/cancel Break Mode. A lit LED indicates that the station is in Break Mode.
  • Page 18: Station Speed Dial

    – D TA T I O N P E E D I A L I A L C C E S S Press Feature. Press Redial. Dial Speed Dial Memory location 80~99. Dial trunk access code i.e. _ 9 (if necessary). Dial telephone number to be stored (24 digits maximum).
  • Page 19 u i c k E n t r y G u i d e FOR PROGRAMMING FEATURE ACCESS KEYS AND ONE TOUCH KEYS FEATURE PRESS Microphone On/Off Feature Call Forward All Set Dial Destination Answer Feature Feature Do Not Disturb - Set Answer Feature Feature...
  • Page 20 H A R A C T E R N T R Y O D E S HARACTER HARACTER HARACTER Blank & ‘ < ¥ > P E E D I A L A M E N P U T With software S4000 or higher, characters must be entered using the dial pad instead of the Character Entry Codes.
  • Page 21 u i c k R e f e r e n c e G u i d e UTSIDE ALLING Outside Call Dial 9 Dial Telephone Number Last CO/PBX Number Redial Redial Dial * Speed Dial Redial Dial 00~99 Save/Store & Repeat - Access Redial Dial # Trunk Queue...
  • Page 22 Issue #4 11/00 For more information contact: NEC America, Inc. CPE Group 1555 Walnut Hill Lane ©1999 NEC America, Inc. The material Irving Texas 75038-3796 contained herein is subject to change 1 800 TEAM NEC without prior notice at the sole discretion of NEC America, Inc.