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NEC Electra Elite IPK II User Manual

Single line telephone
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for NEC Electra Elite IPK II

  • Page 1 NOTICE Note that when converting this document from its original format to a .pdf file, some minor font and format changes may occur. When viewing and printing this document, we cannot guarantee that your specific PC or printer will support all of the fonts or graphics.
  • Page 2 Single Line Telephone User Guide...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Information ..............1 Quick Reference Guide ..............1 Answering Calls ................2 Ringing Calls ....................2 Off-Hook Signaling ..................2 Placing Calls ................. 3 Internal Calls ....................3 Outside Calls ....................3 Last Co/PBX Number Redial ..............3 Speed Dial - System/Group/Station ............
  • Page 5: Tone Override

    Tone Override ................6 To send off-hook signals when calling a busy telephone: ......6 To answer Tone Override: ................6 Voice Over ..................6 Originate/Answer ..................6 Call Forwarding ................7 From Your Station ..................7 Paging ................... 8 To make an Internal Page announcement: ..........
  • Page 6: General Information

    ENERAL NFORMATION The following should be considered when reviewing this User Guide: Access to many features is based on system assignments. Some access codes may vary from those stated in this user guide and not all features may be available from your telephone. The Flash key located on certain models of Single Line Telephones can be used in place of the hookswitch.
  • Page 7: Answering Calls

    From the Intercom: 0~9 or 01~64 Internal Paging Dial 701 Page Dial 0 00 for All Internal Paging Page 0 or 1~8 External Paging Dial 703 Page Dial 0 for All External Paging Page Call Pickup In your Pickup Group: Dial 756 In another Pickup Group when you do not know the group number: Dial 769 In another Pickup Group when you know the...
  • Page 8: Placing Calls

    LACING ALLS NTERNAL ALLS Lift handset. Dial station number or 0 for the attendant. Note:1 When calling a multiline telephone, dialing 1 after the station number will change ringing to voice or voice to ringing. Note:2 To directly access a personal voice mailbox, dial 8 after dialing the station number.
  • Page 9: Holding Calls

    OLDING ALLS XCLUSIVE With a call in progress: Press Hookswitch. Note:1 Replacing the handset when a call is on hold will cause the held call to immediately ring your station. Note:2 Once a call is placed on hold, the telephone can be used to place another internal or outside call or access a feature (i.e.
  • Page 10: Conference

    ONFERENCE With a call in progress: Press Hookswitch and dial #1. Dial the party you want to add and wait until they answer. Press Hookswitch and repeat the second step to add more parties. - OR - Press Hookswitch twice to set up the Conference. ARK A CALL IN A SYSTEM ORBIT Note: You can Park Intercom or trunk calls.
  • Page 11: Tone Override

    VERRIDE O SEND OFF HOOK SIGNALS WHEN CALLING A BUSY TELEPHONE Dial *. - OR - Dial 709. You hear Ring Busy Tone. The called extension hears Call Alert Notification. Note: By default, your extension will send off-hook signals automatically. O ANSWER VERRIDE Receive Tone Override.
  • Page 12: Call Forwarding

    ORWARDING TATION To set/cancel Call Forward - Immediate: Cancel Lift the handset. Lift the handset. Dial the Call Forward - Dial the Call Forward - Immediate Service Code Immediate Service Code (default: 741). (default: 741). Dial 1 (Set). Dial 0 (Cancel). Dial the destination extension or Hang up.
  • Page 13: Paging

    AGING O MAKE AN NTERNAL AGE ANNOUNCEMENT Lift the handset. Dial 701 and the Paging Zone number (0~9 or 00~64). Dialing 0 or 00 calls All Call Internal Paging. - OR - Dial *1 and the Combined Paging Group code 1~8 or 0 (for Internal/ External All Call).
  • Page 14: Meet-Me Answer

    NSWER To join a Meet Me Internal Page: Lift the handset. Dial 763 (if your extension is in the zone called). - OR - Dial 764 and the zone number (if your extension is not in the zone called). You connect to the other party. To join a Meet Me External Page: Lift the handset.
  • Page 15: To Use Directed Call Pickup To Intercept A Call To A Co-Worker's Extension

    ’ O USE IRECTED ICKUP TO INTERCEPT A CALL TO A CO WORKER S EXTENSION Lift the handset. Dial **. Dial the number of extension whose call you want to intercept. If more than one call is coming in, the system sets the priority for which call it will answer first.
  • Page 16: Acd

    ULTIPLE GENT To Log In: Note: Follow Steps 1~3 to log in with additional AICs (up to three) at any time. Lift the handset and dial the AIC Log In service code (not assigned at default). Dial the log in code (up to 20 digits). This step is not required if the ID code is disabled in system programming.
  • Page 17: Rest Mode

    To set the manual Rest Mode: Lift the handset and dial 658. A fast busy is heard. To set Pre-Rest Mode (while on a call), press the hookflash and then dial 658. Press the Hookflash again to return to the outside party. Rest Mode will begin once the call is completed.
  • Page 20 The material contained herein is subject to change without prior notice at the sole For more information contact: discretion of NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. 6555 N State Highway 161 Electra Elite is a registered trademark of Irving, TX 75039-2402 NEC America, Inc.

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