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NEC D-Term Series E User Manual

Nec d-term series e telephones user guide
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D-Term Series E User Guide


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 D-Term Series E User Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Keys and Lamps ........................2 Tones ............................3 Making and Receiving Calls ....................... 4 Hold ..........................5 Transfer ........................6 Conference Calls ....................... 6 Soft Keys ..........................7 Feature Keys ..........................8 Speed Dial Keys ....................... 8 Pickup ..........................
  • Page 3: Keys And Lamps

    Keys and Lamps Some of the keys listed below have a built-in Light Emitting Diode (LED) that lights or flashes according to the activity of that function key. Call Waiting Lamp This light will flash when you have an incoming call. The lamp remains steadily lit when you have a voicemail message waiting.
  • Page 4: Tones

    Tones Dial Tone Steady tone you hear before you make a call. Busy Signal Pulsing tone that indicates you dialed a number that is being used. Reorder Tone Fast busy signal. This means that an invalid number was dialed, a service feature was denied, or your handset has been off hook and inactive for too long.
  • Page 5: Making And Receiving Calls

    Making and Receiving Calls TO PLACE AN INTERNAL CALL Lift your handset or press the Speaker key to receive a dial tone. Dial the desired 5-digit extension. Use your handset or Microphone to converse. TO PLACE A LOCAL CALL Lift your handset or press the Speaker key to receive a dial tone. Dial 9 and wait for the second dial tone.
  • Page 6: Hold

    Hold You may place callers on Hold at any time during the call. A held call will flash green on your phone, and will flash red on any other D-Term phones with the same line appearance. You may place a call on Exclusive Hold so that it may only be retrieved from your phone. When a call is on Exclusive Hold, your phone will flash a rapid green and will remain steadily lit red on any other D-Term phones with the same line appearance.
  • Page 7: Transfer

    Transfer You may transfer calls, set up 3-way conference calls, or consult a third party by using the Transfer key. Your caller will hear the normal music on hold while transferring, establishing a conference call, or consulting a third party. TO TRANSFER A CALL While on a call, press the Transfer key and listen for the interrupted dial tone.
  • Page 8: Soft Keys

    Soft Keys OHR (Off Hook Ringer) This feature mutes the ringer while you are on the phone. To activate or deactivate this feature, press the gray Soft Key directly beneath the letters “OHR” on your display. RMUTE (Ring Mute) This feature mutes the ringer so that the phone will not ring for any calls. To activate or deactivate this feature, press the gray Soft Key directly beneath the letters “RMUTE”...
  • Page 9: Feature Keys

    Feature Keys Speed Dial Keys The keys in the two vertical rows on the right side of your phone allow you to program frequently-used phone numbers into the D-Term’s memory. You can then dial the number by pressing a single key. The Shift key allows you to establish 16 additional speed dials for a total of 32.
  • Page 10: Pickup

    Pickup The Pickup key on your phone allows you to answer calls in your Call Pickup Group. A Call Pickup Group may include up to twenty numbers, but you may only be in one Call Pickup Group at a time. This is not a standard feature and must be requested separately. TO ANSWER A CALL FROM A CALL PICKUP GROUP Lift your handset and press the Pickup key.
  • Page 11: S&R

    S&R (Save and Redial) This key acts as a one-time-only speed dial. While on a call, you may press the S&R button to save the number. The LED will light up and your display will indicate “S&R.” The number will remain saved indefinitely.
  • Page 12: Recall

    Recall Pressing the Recall key will immediately disconnect your current call and get a new dial tone. Conference This will allow you to place a 3-way conference call. For more information on conference calls, see page 6. Redial This feature saves a history of previously dialed numbers, allowing you to scroll through the list and instantly redial.
  • Page 13: Other Features

    Other Features Call Park This feature allows you to “park” a call until you retrieve it from your own or another telephone. For example: You receive a call and must go to the file room to look up some information. You would park the call, get the information needed, and retrieve the parked call on the telephone in the file room.
  • Page 14: Headsets

    Headsets Hands-free headsets are available for purchase through Vanderbilt ITS. In order to use your headset, ITS must add a “Release” key to your phone, which will allow you to hang up calls. Note: When using a headset, the ring volume on your phone is automatically lowered. To adjust the ring volume, you must come out of Headset mode.