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Per-port Options For Handling Gvrp "unknown Vlans - HP ProCurve series 2500 Management And Configuration Manual

Procurve 2500 series.
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Configuring Advanced Features
Note also that a port belonging to a Tagged or Untagged static VLAN has these
configurable options:
IP Addressing. A dynamic VLAN does not have an IP address, and moves
traffic on the basis of port membership in VLANs. However, after GVRP
creates a dynamic VLAN, you can convert it to a static VLAN. Note that it is
then necessary to assign ports to the VLAN in the same way that you would
for a static VLAN that you created manually. In the static state you can
configure IP addressing on the VLAN and access it in the same way that you
would any other static (manually created) VLAN.
Per-Port Options for Handling GVRP "Unknown
An "unknown VLAN" is a VLAN that the switch learns of by GVRP. For
example, suppose that in figure 9-58 (page 9-79), port 1 on switch "A" is
connected to port 5 on switch "C". Because switch "A" has VLAN 22 statically
configured, while switch "C" does not have this VLAN statically configured,
VLAN 22 is handled as an "Unknown VLAN" on port 5 in switch "C". Con-
versely, if VLAN 22 was statically configured on switch C, but port 5 was not
a member, port 5 would become a member when advertisements for VLAN 22
were received from switch "A".
When you enable GVRP on a switch, you have the per-port join-request options
listed in table 9-8:
If the switch already has a static VLAN assignment with the same VID as
in the advertisement, and the port is configured to Auto for that VLAN,
then the port will dynamically join the VLAN and begin moving that
VLAN's traffic. (For more detail on Auto, see "Per-Port Options for
Dynamic VLAN Advertising and Joining" on page 9-82.)
Ignore the advertisement for that VID and drop all GVRP traffic with that
Don't participate in that VLAN.
Send VLAN advertisements, and also receive advertisements for VLANs
on other ports and dynamically join those VLANs.
Send VLAN advertisements, but ignore advertisements received from
other ports.
Avoid GVRP participation by not sending advertisements and dropping
any advertisements received from other devices.


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