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HP Networking 6600 Switch Series Technical Overview
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Series . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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    Console port . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Ethernet out-of-band management (OOBM) port .

  • Page 3

    HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Power Supply (J9269A) . . . . . . . . 24 HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Fan Tray (J9271A) . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Rack mounting options .

  • Page 4

    Technical briefs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Documents related to HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Series and...

  • Page 5: Table Of Figures And Tables

    Figure 2: HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Series (power supply side view) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10...

  • Page 6

    Table 5: SFP+ vs . X2 optics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Table 6: Capacity, performance, and features comparison of the 6600 series products .

  • Page 7: Executive Summary

    . This guide describes the HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Series and how it builds upon the HP ProCurve Switch 8200zl, 5400zl, 6200yl, and 3500yl Series and the principles of the Adaptive Network by providing a platform for delivering intelligence, performance, and affordability to the edge of the enterprise compute network .

  • Page 8: Product Positioning

    • Enabling programmatic capabilities to safeguard future needs and requirements Data center use models The HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Series includes one of the most advanced routing switches in the HP networking product line . The 6600 switch series is targeted at both top-of-rack server access and end-of-row aggregation/ distribution for enterprise data centers and midmarket compute rooms .

  • Page 9: Figure 1: Top-of-rack Use Model

    Figure 1 provides an example of a three-tiered networking model with top-of-rack networking components . ProCurve edge switches deployed Data center network as part of a standard solution Core Standard Top of rack: enables standard server edge server edge/edge networking racks Distribution Top-of-rack advantages: •...

  • Page 10: 6600 Series System Overview

    6600 series system overview The HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Series was designed to be co-located with data center servers for both top-of- rack edge access and end-of-row aggregation and distribution deployment models . To support high availability in a 1U form factor, all 6600 series products allow for redundant hot-swappable power supply options, hot- swappable fan tray, and front-to-back (reversible) airflow, along with out-of-band Ethernet management ports .

  • Page 11: Hp Procurve 6600 Switch Fan Tray (j9271a)

    supports only the 1200 W AC supply, although the 6600 series is capable of supporting DC and other common-slot supplies . Two AC-to-12-V DC power supplies can be configured as 1+1 redundant supplies . The system is fully powered with either power supply, and either power supply (but not both) can be removed and replaced while the system is still racked, and the switch will continue to operate .

  • Page 12: View Of The 6600-24xg Switch

    Figure 4: Default airflow direction and connectivity side view of the 6600-24XG switch In the event of an individual fan failure, an SNMP trap and event log entry is generated . A system can typically operate for quite a long time with a single fan failure (out of the eight), as the remaining fans can increase speed to compensate for the loss of airflow .

  • Page 13: 6600 Leds

    switches would more likely have their network ports facing toward the back (hot aisle) of the cabinet to facilitate server connectivity . With this intention, the default configuration for the command is, “Power-to-Port”, so the “fan-pref-airflow-dir” command will not show up in the configuration file—it is the default . If the user intends to change the airflow so that the preferred direction is Ethernet ports facing the cold aisle, then in the configuration file the use should change the preferred direction to be port to power .

  • Page 14: Processor

    Figure 6: Closeup view of the HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Series LEDs Processor The CPU processor is a Freescale PowerPC 8540 operating at 667 MHz . Memory SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM) is used for the storage of uncompressed executable code and data structures .

  • Page 15: Console Port

    Console port The console port allows for RS-232 serial connectivity for local management and configuration . For the 6600- 48G, 6600-48G-4XG, and 6600-24XG switches, the console port is an RJ-45 connector . To connect to the console, an RJ-45–to–DB-9 cable is provided with each switch to connect to the serial port on a laptop . The 6600-24G/6600-24G-4XG products offer a DB-9 serial console port for management access, and a DB-9–to–...

  • Page 16: Description

    Description The HP ProCurve 6600-24G Switch is a data center optimized, advanced Layer 3 1U stackable switch with 20 10/100/1000Base-T ports and 4 dual-personality ports . The 6600 series 1U form factor switches are enhanced for server edge connectivity with front-to-back cooling, redundant hot-swappable power, and redundant hot-swappable fans .

  • Page 17: Ports

    The ASIC layout shown in Figure 8 for the data center focused 6600-24G-4XG switch adds an NGX ASIC to provide a 10-Gb uplink capability to this switch model . Unlike the 3500yl-24G switch, where the yl 10-Gb module is rear mounted, the 6600-24G-4XG switch moves the 10-Gb ports to the front of the switch for simplified cabling .

  • Page 18: Hp Procurve 6600-48g Switch (j9451a)

    HP ProCurve 6600-48G Switch (J9451A) Based on 5400zl design Management function (on motherboard) * 96.0 Gbps = (24+24)x2(Fdx), 96.0-Gbps* although F2 has a full capability of switching capacity 345.6-Gbps switching 14.4-Gbps HSL 14.4-Gbps HSL High-speed links • 4-Gb fiber ports (4 dual-personality ports) •...

  • Page 19: Hp Procurve 6600-48g-4xg Switch (j9452a)

    HP ProCurve 6600-48G-4XG Switch (J9452A) Based on 5400zl design Management function (on motherboard) * 176.0 Gbps = (24+24 + 20+20)x2(Fdx), although F2 has a full capability of 345.6-Gbps switching 176.0-Gbps* switching capacity 14.4-Gbps HSL 14.4-Gbps HSL 14.4-Gbps HSL 14.4-Gbps HSL 14.4-Gbps HSL High-speed links...

  • Page 20: Ports

    Table 3 details the comparison of the 6600-48G/48G-4XG switches, the 2910al-48G, and the 3500yl-48G switches in more detail . 2910al-48G 6600-48G 6600-48G-4XG 3500yl-48G Rack height 1-Gb RJ-45 1-Gb SFP – 10-Gb SFP+ 4 (2 X2/2 CX4) – 4 (2 X2/2 CX4) Max .

  • Page 21: Hp Procurve 6600-24xg Switch (j9265a)

    For high-availability configurations with the 6600-48G-4XG switch, users should consider trunking the 10-Gb uplinks across odd and even ports to take advantage of the dual paths to separate NGX chips, as shown in Figure 11 . Trunk 1 Trunk 2 Figure 11: Recommended trunking uplink configuration for the 6600-48G-4XG switch HP ProCurve 6600-24XG Switch (J9265A) Based on 5400zl design...

  • Page 22: Enhanced Packet Buffers

    The ProVision ASIC architecture is the latest-generation HP networking ASIC technology and is used in the ProCurve 6600 Switch Series, along with the 8200zl, 5400zl, 6200yl, and 3500yl product families . The ProVision ASIC architecture consists of multiple network chips interconnected by an active crossbar fabric chip .

  • Page 23: Policy Enforcement Engine

    Policy Enforcement Engine The ProVision network ASICs contain the Policy Enforcement Engine . This engine provides fast packet classification to be applied to ACLs, QoS, rate limiting, and some other features through an onboard Ternary Content Addressable Memory (TCAM) . Some of the variables that can be used include source and destination IP addresses (which can follow specific users), TCP/UDP port numbers and ranges (apply ACLs to an application that uses fixed-port numbers or ranges) .

  • Page 24: Fabric Asic

    Layer 2 forwarding table is kept fresh through the use of this CPU . Other per-port protocols, such as Spanning Tree Protocol and LACP, also are run on this CPU . The local CPU, being a full-function microprocessor, allows functionality updates through future software releases . Fabric ASIC The Fabric ASIC provides the crossbar fabric for interconnecting the modules together .

  • Page 25: Hp Procurve 6600 Switch Fan Tray (j9271a)

    HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Fan Tray (J9271A) See reference in earlier text to HP ProCurve 6600 Switch Fan Tray (J9271A) . Rack mounting options 2-post telco racks As part of the 6600 series package, each switch ships with rack ears for mounting in 2-post telco racks . Additional rack mount options and accessories are available detailed subsequently below .

  • Page 26: 6600 Series Air Plenums

    6600 series air plenums The HP ProCurve 6600 Series Air plenum is designed to help preserve cold-aisle/hot-aisle separation for improved cooling efficiency when the 6600 switch is co-located with top-of-rack servers . In typical top-of-rack server connectivity environments, the Ethernet ports face the hot aisle to align with server I/O . When a switch is mounted in a server rack, it is typically positioned toward the back of the rack to facilitate cabling, which usually leaves a sizeable air gap in the rack where cold air can flow around the switch .

  • Page 27: Transceivers And Direct Attach Cables

    servers at the top of rack . The air plenum prevents cold air from leaking around sides of the 6600 switch to promote more efficient cooling and is recommended with installations where the 6600 switch is mounted with Ethernet ports facing the hot aisle . Figure 17 details this particular air plenum . Note: For use with the 6600-24G and 6600-24G-4XG switches Figure 17: HP ProCurve 6600-24G/24G-4XG Air Plenum (J9481A) Transceivers and direct attach cables...

  • Page 28: Overview Of Features And Benefits

    Overview of features and benefits The ProCurve 6600 Switch Series, like the 8200zl, 5400zl, 6200yl, and 3500yl series switches, uses the same software image base (letter designated K-code, for example, K . 1 4 .xx) . The 6600 switch series offers a premium software license for advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 services: Q-in-Q, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, OSPFv2, OSPFv3, and VRRP .

  • Page 29

    Feature Benefits Multiple user authentication Client-based access control using IEEE 802 . 1 X, Web-based, MAC-based authentication, RADIUS, and TACACS+ . methods At initial release, the combinations of authentication methods allowed simultaneously on a port are IEEE 802 . 1 X/ Web and 802 .

  • Page 30: Feature Set Summary

    Feature set summary Additional details about the ProCurve 6600 Switch Series and 8200zl, 5400zl, 6200yl, and 3500yl series features include the following: Data center optimized • Front-to-back airflow: designed to be co-located at the top of a server rack, the 6600 series supports front-to- back airflow (mechanically reversible) to support hot-aisle/cold-aisle configurations;...

  • Page 31: Performance

    Performance • High-speed/-capacity architecture: based on the purpose-built ProVision ASICs to provide superior system performance and scalability • Selectable queue configurations: increase performance by selecting the number of queues and associated memory buffering that best meet the requirements of network applications Resiliency and high availability • IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) and ProCurve trunking: support up to 60 trunks, each with up to 8 links (ports) per trunk • IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree: provides high link availability in multiple VLAN environments by allowing...

  • Page 32: Multicast Support

    • ICMP throttling: defeats ICMP denial-of-service attacks by enabling any switch port to automatically throttle ICMP traffic • Virus throttling: detects traffic patterns typical of WORM-type viruses and either throttles or entirely prevents the ability of the virus to spread across the routed VLANs or bridged interfaces, without requiring external appliances • STP BPDU port protection: blocks Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs) on ports that do not require BPDUs, preventing forged BPDU attacks...

  • Page 33: Warranty And Support

    Warranty and support • ProCurve Lifetime Warranty : for as long as you own the product, with next-business-day advance ♦ replacement (available in most countries) • Electronic and telephone support: limited electronic and telephone support is available from HP; refer to the HP website at for details on the support provided and the period during which...

  • Page 34: Routing And Forwarding Tables

    Routing and forwarding tables The ProCurve 6600 Switch Series has several routing and forwarding table features that enhance routing and switching performance . Every NG/NGX interface has its own “best-match prefix” routing table that contains IP routes and is used for determining how to route the vast majority of incoming packets . Using the best-match prefix routing table is extremely fast and enables wire-speed routing to be achieved .

  • Page 35: Port

    However, when more than two ports per 4-port 10-GbE block are in a linked state, ports 1 and 4 are statically mapped to share one 14 .4-Gbps channel, while ports 2 and 3 are statically mapped to share the other 14 .4-Gbps channel .

  • Page 36: Throughput And Latency Performance Data

    Tables 7 through 9 describe the performance capabilities of the 10-Gbps, 1-Gbps, and 100-Mbps interface module ports of the ProCurve 6600 Switch Series . Over a range of packet sizes from 64 bytes to 1518 bytes, the performance levels achieved are described in terms of the following metrics: • Throughput-level percentage achieved when performing Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing;...

  • Page 37: Throughput Test

    . The latency figures for the ProCurve 6600 Switch Series are consistently low . Latencies this low will not be a factor in general network operation, even with streaming video or VoIP applications . The LIFO latency values are fairly consistent across all packet sizes because ingress and egress packet processors operate on the header of the frame (not the whole frame), while the full frame is buffered in and out of packet buffer memory .

  • Page 38: Power Save Mode

    . The ProCurve 6600 Switch Series has a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the product . If any part of the switch fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, including the power supply or fans, it will be replaced .

  • Page 39: Optional Support Services

    In addition to free support services such as the warranty and telephone support, HP networking offers an extensive range of fee-based support services to meet more specialized needs . The following optional services are available for the ProCurve 6600 Switch Series: • Onsite next business day • Onsite in four hours, same business day...

  • Page 40: Oobm Limitations

    . Appendix B: Policy Enforcement Engine The ProVision ASIC architecture used in the ProCurve 6600 Switch Series and the Switch 8200zl, 5400zl, 3500yl, and 6200yl Series brings a number of advanced capabilities to the network that offer a highly reliable, robust environment that leads to increased network uptime, keeping overall network costs down .

  • Page 41: Appendix C: Pim-sparse Mode

    The TCAM can support approximately 3,000 data entries that may be used to represent various traffic controls, including ACLs . For most customers, this quantity of entries will be more than adequate to provide wire-speed performance for ACL processing . Keep in mind that each ACL entry may consist of multiple criteria, such as a specific IP address and TCP or UDP port number .

  • Page 42: Appendix D: Virus Throttle Security

    Figure D-1: Virus throttle example topology On the ProCurve 6600 Switch Series, virus throttle is implemented through connection-rate filtering . When connection-rate filtering is enabled on a port, the inbound routed traffic is monitored for a high rate of connection requests from any given host on the port .

  • Page 43: Response Options

    Response options The response behavior of connection-rate filtering can be adjusted by using filtering options . When a worm-like behavior is detected, the connection-rate filter can respond to the threats on the port in the following ways: • Notify only of potential attack: While the apparent attack continues, the switch generates an Event Log notice identifying the offending host source address (SA) and (if a trap receiver is configured on the switch) a similar SNMP trap notice .

  • Page 44: Appendix F: Ospf Equal Cost Multipath

    VRRP is an election protocol that dynamically assigns responsibility for a virtual router on a LAN . It provides high availability for a default gateway without the need to reconfigure end hosts Intranet and/or Internet Router A Router B Multiple router interfaces comprise a virtual router configured with a common virtual IP address: 10 .

  • Page 45: Appendix G: Troubleshooting

    Router B 10 .42 .0 .0/16 Router D Appendix G: troubleshooting LED status indicators for 6600 series The ProCurve 6600 Switch Series management module has various LED status indicators that are described in Table G-1 . State Indication Power On (green) The switch is receiving power .

  • Page 46: Appendix H: Links To Other Useful Documents

    • Network activity information • Whether the port is configured for full duplex operation • Maximum speed of operation Table G-2: LED status indicators for ProCurve 6600 Switch Series Ethernet ports Appendix H: links to other useful documents White papers Resources for Cisco interoperability, Data Center Connection Manager, Green IT initiatives, and so on, can be found at

  • Page 47: Get Connected

    © Copyright 2009–2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L .P . The information contained herein is subject to change without notice . The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services . Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty .

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