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HP StorageWorks 1/8 User's And Service Manual: Using And Maintaining Tape Cartridges

G2 tape autoloader.
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Cartridge type
HP Ultrium universal cleaning cartridge, (50 cleans), orange
The LTO-3 and later tape drives support both rewriteable and WORM data cartridges. Write-Once,
Read-Many (WORM) data cartridges provide an enhanced level of data security against accidental
or malicious alteration of data on the tape cartridge. The WORM data cartridge can be appended
to maximize the full capacity of the tape cartridge, but you will be unable to erase or overwrite data
on the cartridge. WORM data cartridges are clearly identified by their distinctive, two-tone cartridge
color. To check whether your backup or archive software application supports WORM cartridges,
see the following website:

Using and maintaining tape cartridges

Do not degauss Ultrium data cartridges! These data cartridges are pre-recorded with a magnetic
servo signal. This signal is required to use the cartridge with the Ultrium tape drive. Keep magnetically
charged objects away from the cartridge.
To ensure the longest possible life for your data cartridges, follow these guidelines:
Use only the data cartridges designated for your device.
Clean the tape drive when the Clean drive LED is illuminated.
Use only Ultrium Universal cleaning cartridges.
Do not drop a cartridge. Excessive shock can damage the internal contents of the cartridge or the
cartridge case itself, making the cartridge unusable.
Do not expose data cartridges to direct sunlight or sources of heat, including portable heaters and
heating ducts.
The operating temperature range for data cartridges is 10 to 35º C. The storage temperature
range is -40 to +60º C in a dust-free environment in which relative humidity is always between
20 percent and 80 percent (non-condensing).
If the data cartridge has been exposed to temperatures outside the specified ranges, stabilize the
cartridge at room temperature for the same length of time it was exposed to extreme temperatures
or 24 hours, whichever is less.
Do not place data cartridges near sources of electromagnetic energy or strong magnetic fields
such as computer monitors, electric motors, speakers, or X-ray equipment. Exposure to electromag-
netic energy or magnetic fields can destroy data and the embedded servo code written on the
media by the cartridge manufacturer, which can render the cartridge unusable.
Place identification labels only in the designated area on the cartridge.
Tape cartridges and magazines
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