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barcode reader
Class A digital
Class I laser
cleaning cartridge
daisy chaining
data cartridge
drive bay
drive cleaning
drive module
A component of the robot that is used for cartridge identification and position
The plastic housing around a cartridge tape. A plastic leader block is attached
to the tape for automatic threading when loaded in transport. The spine of the
cartridge contains a label listing the volume identification number.
The slot in the magazine that is used to store a tape cartridge.
Class A equipment is intended for commercial installation.
Class 1 lasers are products where the power of the laser beam produced (the
accessible emission) is always below the Maximum Permissible Exposure value.
Therefore, for Class 1 lasers the output power is below the level at which it is
believed eye damage will occur. Exposure to the beam of a Class 1 laser will
not result in eye injury. Class 1 lasers may therefore be considered eye safe.
A tape cartridge that contains special material to clean the tape path in a
transport or drive. Ultrium cleaning cartridge labels have a CLN prefix.
Command Line Interface
Parallel SCSI peripherals can be daisy chained together. Each device has a
second port used to connect the next device in line. The last device in the chain
must be terminated.
A term used to distinguish a cartridge onto which a tape drive may write data
from a cartridge used for cleaning purposes.
The device that the device uses to record data onto tapes.
The space where the drive module resides.
A device feature that uses a cleaning cartridge to clean a tape drive.
The entire assembly that houses the drive, including the metal housing and
The process of changing data into a form that cannot be read until it is
deciphered, protecting the data from unauthorized access and use.
Electrostatic discharge. The release of static electricity from one conductor to
A local-area, packet-switched network technology. Originally designed for coaxial
cable, it now also runs over shielded, twisted-pair cable. Ethernet is a 10 or 100
Megabytes-per-second LAN.
HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader User and service guide


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