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HP StorageWorks 1/8 User's And Service Manual: Error Codes

G2 tape autoloader.
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You can have the device run up to 10 cycles of the wellness test.
The wellness test requires operator interaction and can only be run from the OCP. During the wellness
The operator starts the wellness test from the OCP. The administrator password is required.
The device performs a self test and verifies that it can communicate with the tape drive.
The Autoloader returns the tape cartridge in the tape drive to its home slot, if necessary. If the
home slot is not known, the Autoloader will move the cartridge to the mailslot and prompt the
operator to remove it.
The device prompts the operator to enter the number of cycles to run the test.
The device opens the mailslot and prompts the operator to insert a scratch cartridge.
The operator inserts a scratch cartridge into the mailslot. If the mailslot is disabled or the operator
closes the mailslot without inserting a cartridge into the mailslot, the device will perform a shortened
version of the wellness test, skipping step 7.
The device loads the scratch cartridge into the tape drive, unloads the scratch cartridge from the
tape drive, and returns the scratch cartridge to the mailslot.
The device moves the tape cartridge from the four top-row corner slots to the tape drive load
point and then returns the tape cartridge to its slot. If one of the top-row corner slot positions does
not contain a tape cartridge, the device will skip that location. If none of the top-row corner slots
contain a tape cartridge, the device displays an error message.
If additional cycles remain to be run, the test will return to step 7 if there is a tape cartridge in
the mailslot or step 8 if there is not a cartridge in the mailslot.
At the conclusion of the test, the device pops open the mailslot and waits for the operator to
remove the scratch tape.
The device displays the test completion status, including any recoveries or errors that may have

Error codes

If an error occurs during operation, the device stops the current operation and displays an error code
on the LCD screen. Unless otherwise noted in
code or error message from the LCD screen, and then try to resolve the error by cycling power to the
device and retrying the operation.
To check the overall operation of the device, run the wellness test from the RMI or OCP. The wellness
test exercises all robotic movements and checks the status of the electrical components and
communication. To run the wellness test from the RMI, see
To run the wellness test from the OCP, see
Test)" on page 102.
If the error persists, contact support personnel, see
There are three ways to obtain error codes from the device:
On the OCP
On the RMI
On an L&TT support ticket or report
Running the wellness test (Support > Run Wellness
HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader User and service guide
problems" on page 111, record the error
Performing general
HP technical
support" on page 169.
diagnostics" on page 76.



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