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Sending A Server Fax - Xerox WorkCentre 5845 Getting Started Manual

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If required, select the Internet Fax tab. This is usually the active tab when the Internet Fax service
Select the New Recipient... button.
Use the touch screen keyboard to enter the e-mail address of the recipient.
The number of alphanumeric characters that can be entered depends on the size of the
characters chosen. Once the end of the entry box has been reached no more characters can
be added.
To delete a character use the backspace X button.
Use the special characters button to access special characters such as $ and %.
Buttons with an icon in the lower right corner have accented or additional characters
available. Select and hold the button to view related characters in a pop-up menu. Select the
desired character from the pop-up menu.
Use the ENG button to access additional language keyboards.
Select the Add button.
If you want to send the document to more than one recipient enter the additional details, one
recipient at a time, and select the Add button again until all the recipients have been added.
If required, select Cc from the To: dropdown menu to copy a recipient on the e-mail. Use the touch
screen keyboard to enter the recipient details and then select the Add button.
At least one To address must be selected, documents cannot be sent to a Cc address alone.
10. Select the Close button to save the information you entered.
11. Select any options required.
12. Press the Start button on the control panel to scan the original.
13. Remove the original from the document feeder or document glass when scanning has completed.
14. Press the Job Status button on the device control panel to view the job list and check the status of
the job.

Sending a Server Fax

There are three Fax services which can be installed or enabled on your device, Fax (Embedded Fax),
Internet Fax and Server Fax.
Server Fax scans your documents and sends them to any type of fax machine that is connected to a
telephone network. Your images are sent from your device to a third party fax server, which relays them
over the telephone network to the fax number of your choice.
This option must be made available by your System Administrator.
If Authentication or Accounting has been enabled on your device you may have to enter login details
to access the Server Fax features.
Load your documents face up in the document feeder input tray. Adjust the guide to just touch the
Lift up the document feeder. Place the document face down onto the document glass and register
it to the arrow at the top left corner. Close the document feeder.
Press the Clear All button on the control panel to cancel any previous programming selections.
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Table of Contents

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