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Laser Safety Information - Xerox WorkCentre 5845 Getting Started Manual

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Laser Safety Information

Use of controls, adjustments, or performance of procedures other than those specified
in this manual can result in hazardous radiation exposure.
With specific regard to laser safety, the device complies with performance standards for laser products
set by government, national and international agencies as a Class 1 laser product. It does not emit
hazardous light, as the beam is totally enclosed during all phases of customer operation and
Device Safety
This device has been designed to provide operator access to safe areas only. Operator access to
hazardous areas is restricted using covers or guards, which require a tool to enable removal. Never
remove the covers or guards that protect hazardous areas.
Device Safety - Do These
Always follow all warnings and instructions that are marked on or supplied with the device.
Before cleaning this device, unplug the device from the electrical outlet. Always use materials
specifically designated for this device, the use of other materials may result in poor performance
and create a hazardous situation.
Always exercise care when moving or relocating the device. Please contact your local Xerox dealer
to arrange relocation of the device to a location outside of your building.
Always locate the device on a solid support surface (not on plush carpet) that has adequate
strength to support the weight of the machine.
Always locate the device in an area that has adequate ventilation and room for servicing.
Your Xerox device is equipped with an energy saving function to conserve power when the device
is not in use. The device may be left on continuously.
Device Safety - Do Not Do These
Do not use aerosol cleaners. Aerosol cleaners can be explosive or flammable when used
on electromechanical equipment.
Never use a ground adapter plug to connect the device to a power outlet that lacks a ground
connection terminal.
Never attempt any maintenance function that is not specifically described in this documentation.
Never obstruct ventilation openings. They are provided to prevent overheating.
Never remove covers or guards that are fastened with screws. There are no operator serviceable
areas within these covers.
Never locate the machine near a radiator or any other heat source.
Never push objects of any kind into the ventilation openings.
Never override or "cheat" any of the electrical or mechanical interlock devices.
Never place this device where people might step on or trip on the power cord.
This device should not be placed in a room unless proper ventilation is provided.
Please contact your local Authorized dealer for further information.
Getting Started Guide
Safety and Regulations

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Table of Contents

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